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We are a good team with a bad QB

Ummmmm Yeah... about that....we are really a good team with TWO bad quarterbacks!
Umm...more like a team nearing the end of a rebuild with a terrible offensive line.
lol, gotta love these "i have to find a way to remain optimistic" threads.
Originally posted by backontop:
Originally posted by 49Fever:
i think most of you people don't realize how bad we are at the QB position
You'll probably know when we have a good one
Since garcia we're nowhere
And we have a good D
And we have a decent O
(of course we also have raye which doesn't help)

We'll be playoffs bound as soon we have an OLine to block for the QB


sorry but i trust this guy more
link to video
We are a good team with TWO bad QBs!
we are a good team with a bad o line
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
we are a good team with a bad o line

This too!
Originally posted by danimal:
We are a bad team with a horrible QB
Bad Oline=Struggling O
Originally posted by RollinWith21n52:
It's time we realize that Smith is simply not the answer. I think Shaun Hill is a great QB, but ultimately a great backup and not a sufficient starter. We need a QB because this is a QB league. What scares me is that we waste the years we have on the D on this bad QB and not allow ourselves to become a good team because of that. Bears and Ravens are teams that come to mind. Teams that couldn't get to the next level because of a lack at QB. The Texans were in a similar spot. When a good QB comes to a team the whole dynamic changes. Some QBs can function in systems, but unfortunately we don't have McDaniels to create a QB friendly system for us, and will need someone who has legitimate NFL talent. Smith is not clutch, he can't pick defenses apart, he's not a great leader and his athletic ability, while good, is nothing to write home about. Most of all, his accuracy is lacking. Here are some options

Just like the Saints did with Brees. Is there a good FA QB on the market? No way, there never is anymore.

The one name that comes to mind is Kevin Kolb. I think he's a good QB, whose learned from one of the better QB experts in the game. He may be in a similar position that Shaub or Cassle were in.

This seems like the obvious choice. Claussen, Tebow, Locker, Bradford, Snead, Pike, McCoy. One of these guys will be good. Not all, but at least one. Lets identify him and use our 2 first round picks wisely

Any other suggestions? We already have a QB on the roster? Blockbuster trade of all our picks for a starter? Hope Hassleback gets cut, etc. etc.??? (BTW, I just brought up these last 3 as alternatives, but clearly think all are terrible options).

A trade, maybe but there isn't really anyone out there that has me drooling. Kolb has been in 1 offense his short 2 year career and only played a few games for an established team with a solid line. I don't get excited over a player unless he can prove his worth 2 seasons in a row. That's why I never got on the Derek Anderson Bandwagon.

Jeff Garcia is available now, that can at least get us through another year or two. But I would also like to see Nate Davis given a shot. At this point what does it really hurt? In the pre-season he had "it". Lets see if he still has that magic against starters.

Before I get too bashed about Davis, I think he has more promise than Smith because he even looked better than Smith in pre-season against the backups.

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