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Crabtree has an infected tooth!

Originally posted by titan:
Dr.Titan's advice.....ROBITUSSIN and Don't catch the football with your mouth.

Nice response man.... This thread is stupid. Who gives a s**t about him having an infected tooth?? What about P-Willy playing with a broken hand last year?
Originally posted by Nuns:
I almost started him in FF this week. I already had vernon and Gore... too much riding on the niner O.

lets hope vernon, gore, and crabtree score for u lol
I guess that's why he signed with us he did not have enough money to buy toothpaste.
Originally posted by YuNGaCE:
Originally posted by FourNine49:
I'm waiting for the Crabtree/Chuck Norris joke.....

chuck norris is not a fan of crabtree

HAHA that's a great picture
put him on IR.
And it burns when I pee, but you dont see me complaining.
Originally posted by redrathman:

And this just so happens after Halloween?

Coincidence? I think not.

was he going as Michael Strahan for Halloween?
oh wow, an infected tooth, the world is coming to an end...who the f*** cares? i cant believe they report stupid S*** like that
Shhh, we don't want to the opposition to know his criptonite:

Hahahaha you people are funny, this why Tylenol was invented! -Doug Williams led his team to a Superbowl victory whilst suffering through one of the worst toothaches on earth (couldn't get an emergency root canal the night before the big game)!

Originally posted by fister30:
I don't believe this story. Crabtree doesn't have teeth, he has more little hands that help him catch the football.

Catch balls in his mouth? .... Errrrr
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