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Almost prime time, hoping the niners will shine

Not really primetime if nobody can watch it because it's on NFL Network.

Direct Tv FTW, im going to enjoy it very moch

I'm going to enjoy this game very moch too.

what's up with the moch's? I've been seeing them everywhere

I dnt know moch about it but I'm just going with it.

You guys wanna know too moch, already. It's better not to ask.

i already miss that thread very moch
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I hope Chicago beats AZ this weekend, but I hope they wear each other out in the process!

I hope it's an injury filled game and Cutler/Hester/Briggs go down for at least 1 week and Warner/Fitz/Boldin/A.Wilson/Dockett/Dansby/Roole/Hightower/B.Wells and any other Cardinal worth a damn go down for the year. That would pretty much seal us the NFC West title.
That Bears game should be entertaining, and it's definitely a winnable game.
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