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Push Up the Middle!

One thing that I've noticed about our D down linemen is their ability to push up and into the Q.B. We did it yesterday and all season long. McDonald now looks like a beast and our other D linemen have been the stars on defense. Watch out NFL if we ever get an outside pass rusher like Fred Dean!
good point, the DL and the overall passrush hasn't got the credit on this board that it deserves. This team has got good push all year from the DL save the Atl game where everyone sucked. J.Smith has looked amazing and every game I hear the announcers say "Franklin is one of the most underrated DT in the NFL" he has been playing very well this year.
We don't have an elite passrusher but as a unit we are doing a good job.
Agree, they are playing great team defense & if we can find a stud passrusher we will be an elite defense!
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