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Art of the pump fake!!!

is crabtree in here?
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
Sanchez had a sick ass pump fake two weeks ago.

It was dirty.

Yea, but it didn't work so well against the Saints in the end zone.
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Originally posted by got_five:
It's the smallest of inches, margins, tweaks in this league that make a difference and I think the pump fake is one of them!! I think if Hill would use more pump fakes we could get Morgan more involved and with Crabs possibly coming into town our passing is going to take a lil' more flight!! Basically what I'm getting at is Big Ben and if you noticed Favre last night, by using multiple pump fakes it gets a lot of corners to bite hard!! We all would love to see Hill's numbers improve and a few lil' adjustments such as a pump fake could make that happen!!!! Of course this all depends on the OLine doing their job, but that is the case with all teams!!

good post. But in my opinion your repeating stuff that you have heard announcers make too big of a deal out of. Good defences stay on man and don't fall for pump fakes.
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