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Over the top...Hill to Morgan, Bruce, Davis

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.... or any of our WR's or TE's going deep down the field on the very first offensive play!

Hope in the Vikings game , but don't care any game.

Enough already with the "very first offensive play" of almost every offensive series being a run.

Let the opposing defense know you can and will try deep, mix it up a bit more. Put the defense on their heals do something the defense thinks you won't or can't do.

It is not every game, Frank Gore going to pop a 80 yard run on the first offensive snap with 8 men in the box.

Obviously I agree! Raye opened up the offense more the second game. Perhaps now he'll open it up even more this week. How about a shot gun formation? A post route? An audible out of a run to a pass when they stack 9 men in the box. Raye's offensive calls are ALL predetermined. If the defense adjusts, we're screwed! And that's why we got owned against the Cards and why we've given up 8 sacks in two games and something like 20 other pressures.

We were in shotgun 18 times against AZ and 14 times vs Seattle... just FYI.

I think the point I don't like is that he always runs in running situations and always passes in passing situations. Going shotgun isn't evidence of opening up a playbook. If, when I'm sat watching the game, I can correctly guess run or pass 85% of the time before the snap then the proper opposition coaches can guess it 85%+ and that's NOT GOOD! Would be great to see us pass deep on 1st down or at least mix it up a bit. Don't rate Jimmy Raye one bit.

I do think Raye has to mix it up a bit more. Not good if the defense can guess 95% of the time a 1st down run and be prepared for it. That is advantage defense..... unless, like Singletary , no matter what "We Will Impose Our Will On You".

Now can they impose their will on those 2 MASSIVE Viking defensive tackes?
It's still a new offense and every week I think it will be opened up a little more. We didn't have to against Seattle due to Gore blowing up but before those runs we had a good rythm, especially Davis and Hill.
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Mike Nolan?
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lol, i see this everywhere on here. Where is this from?

It looks like a fat Lars Ulrich

Never Mind the Buzzcocks, a music/comedy quiz on the BBC in the UK. The guy's called Bill Bailey.
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Well lookity here.... once again, Valrod33, the very first person attempting to take some one else's thread post "off-subject".

Is anyone surprised?

Well Lookity here, its another BigMar thought of the hour thread.

Dude this could have easily gone in the 9ers vs Vikings gameday thread,or even this thread we dont need a new thread everytime you think of something

You said "we don't need".... when clearly you mean YOU.

Unless "you speak" for the whole board.

i don't need it

jus sayin
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