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Let's see where we rank at our bye. Two sample points is not enough to start quoting statistics. If we can beat the Vikings then we should beat St. Louis and have a shot at Atlanta and 5-0. Then I would be having a hard time containing myself. As long as the players remember last years Bills.
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Why do we want this locked??? Cause you two didnt start the thread?? ....BTW... Where is the 21st-ranked pass defense stat??

This post should be locked.

Still not locked!

Mods don't wake up till about noon pacific. They're up late every night. Orgies and stuff.

Nice point. Remember the Bills. I don't however think that can happen with Sing though. He looks like we get 3-4 more wins just from those eyes. We are very physical and it's hard to beat a team that hurts you every play. We completely decimated the Seahawks roster. I think more rosters will be depleted by this team as the season progresses. Sing was on making the summer a tough one on these guys.
And to think, some people laughed, when the players said they could be a top 5 defense. We might just make it there.
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Originally posted by carl:
After week 2 the 49ers are ranked:

7th in overall defense.
3rd in third down percentage (29%)
4th in total points against
12th (tied) in sacks
5th (tied) in interceptions


by mid season i say we'll be top 5 like Justin Smith said it would be... yes sir...
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Originally posted by Squirrel:
We're winning games because of our defense. Certainly not because of Shaun "The Savior, the Second Coming of Joe Montana" Hill. But, don't tell Joecool that.

Oh please Mr Negative.

Shaun Hill may not be a top 5 QB. But so far this year he's:

ranks 14th in QB rating so far
hasn't thrown a pick
managed to put up two very long drives in the end of our last two games
still undefeated at home
9-3 record
Managed to beat the NFC Champions without a running game

He may not throw the beautiful long ball, be he has consistently proven he's got what it takes to win games. Instead of ragging on him for what he's not, why don't you appreciate him for what he's done.
From MM's latest....this is what Adrian Peterson said about Niners D

Peterson said the 49ers' defense was like a swarm of bees, and he said they're even better now. "This is what coaches want their defenses to play like," he said.

Reading this gets me even more pumped up for game time!!!!!!!
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