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How About them Panthers!

Don't know if I chose the wrong space but this is about the niners....

Lost in the 2nd victory and nit picking of it is the fact that the Panthers lost their 2nd in a row!!!!!!

2 down 14 more to go. This week they play the cowpokes on monday night. Hope the panthers are still reeling and wondering what is happening and that the cowboys are pissed that their were embarassed in their stadium opening to the giants-hehe. Still never thought I'd ever say this---Go Cowboys!!!!

BTW I remember some saying that this pick lost value when we traded it, what has the pick turned out to be for the panthers? Is he doing any good?

Sorry, needed to needle that in. While I don't think it'll be the number one pick (think lions) it might be a top 10 and if we are lucky a top 5. If its a number 2 what to do-
They looked a lot better this week dispite the loss. I doubt it'll be a top 5 pick but maybe a top 10. Just keep routing against them.
Draft thread, NFL talk. Next.
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