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I didn't know this?

ESPN reports that Hill played the last two season with a hand injury. That could explain why his passes have always looked so ugly and lacked zip. The guy couldn't grip the ball properly Thoughts?

What surprised me is the physical problem he played with the past two seasons. He dislocated a joint at the top of his right index finger. A quarterback needs that index finger to generate a spiral. Hill had an index finger that bent with the shape of the ball. Without being to put extra pressure on the ball with that finger, Hill couldn't throw a quality long pass last season. Doctors grafted a small bone from another part of his hand to fix the problem, and now he can throw a longer pass.


Sorry if this was already posted.
IBT... Wait a minute... this isn't another Crabtree thread... lol

Actually that's interesting stuff... I didn't know that.

it is already posted in the QB competition thread

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ouch i stubbed my toe
he looked like he had more zip on his throws in the first game relative to a lot of throws last year at least
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