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I am posting my 5000th were it started it all...

Welcome to the 5000+ post club...

...check your life at the door.
Very good post TICO congrats on 5000
Originally posted by RonMexico:
Originally posted by singfan:
Haven't seen you post before, but welcome to Niner Talk.

who are you

this is good
Thanks for a great post and congrats on your 5k! As I am still so new to the webzone it's been a great pleasure being a part of this 49er community to discuses views and opinions with so many educated and dedicated fans. I can't wait for the day I reach 5 thousand but until then thanks for letting me be a part of the best fan base in the NFL.

Your post solidified why the zone is so great.
Great post

Great post!
Holy moly, guys!!!


It means a great deal to me especially the outpouring of support for my thesis. Most of you know that I hold this very true to my is how I was brought up by my very Catholic, Costa Rican Mommy (yes, mom would bring out la faha (belt) to whip my azz if I called her anything

You guys remember how our Great Bill Walsh (RIP) motivated his players and using his coaches as whipping boys to bring out player support for them, making himself look like the bad guy? Singletary obviously is taken a page out of that book in fact. Remember the post Denver media blitz?

In those conversations, Coach termed our pass-rush "non-existent". Well, Manusky didn't take to kind to that and I am sure the players also noticed it too. I believe that the intensity explosion that was the Tues. and Weds. practices was caused by some of that. The team simply wants to prove it to Singletary...the show me response.

We shall see if they can carry that intensity all through the season. For me, this Oakland game will be a true sign to see just how much these players (and which ones) elevate their games to match the intensity of practice for those will be kept. For those that believe, rewards will follow!

Again fellas, you are awesome and I always enjoy your company here on the "ZONE"!!!!

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5,000? Geez I need to get on more haha im still working on 400!!

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