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S.I. Article

Originally posted by BigMar:
Pretty much truthful and on point. Good read!
I recorded the Denver game and focused on Vernons Blocking skills. What I noticed that he has something very unique most tight ends dont have. That VD speed and strength combo. He was manhandling everyone he came in contact with from #98 6'5 290 lbs Ryan McBean to much smaller line backers and safeties with ease. The thing I liked most (watch the glen coffee 10+ yard gain off right tackle) is that Vernon gets into the second level so fast I bet the defender doesnt have a chance to think. He was on their ass quick.

With that said. Lets not go too far in dissing Justin Smith (who had a great season last year) and Manny Lawson for having to go against VD and our TE's. Lets give props to our coaching staff. Also he didnt mention our #1 Pass Rusher Paris because he was injured. We will be fine.

Vernon Davis doesn't get enough credit for being one of, if not the best, blocking tight end in the league. Watching him handle Lawson and others one-on-one was amazing. I know this has been said many times before, but if Davis becomes the consistent past-catching threat the team hopes he will be, he could be an All-Pro.

3. The pass rush isn't there. When defensive coordinator Greg Manusky briefed the press and used terms like "work in progress" and "a lot of improvement has to be made," he was not kidding. In one drill that pitted the defensive ends against the tight ends, the tight ends were the clear winners. If the likes of Manny Lawson, Justin Smith and Co. can't get the best of their own tight ends, it doesn't bode well for San Francisco improving on its long-struggling pass rush.
Wow- that's kind of a lot of typos for a professionally-written piece.

Content was pretty much on point though.
I dont see the point in the first paragraph? So is he saying our practice facility is a dump? At least we have our own facility. FCOL...the thing was built in the 80's. Sorry our's is not built next to a lake and is updated like the seachickens. At least will get our 6th ring before they or the Tards get their 1st!!!!!

Anyways....this is shhhh....we already know!!!
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I like the L'il Snyd part
Originally posted by bigmur49:
I like the L'il Snyd part

Haha yeah that part was awesome. The more I hear about Snyder the more I like him.
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