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PYMWYMI, Year 4.... (2009-2010)


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14-2 our losses are against the lions and the rams.
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Well i have to say it does come down to who our qb is so i´ll pick 2.

with Smith at QB 9-7 or better

with hill at QB no better than 7-9 IMHO
I'd like to order up a 9-7 please.

8 - 8 this season

2009-2010 regular season

...too much fire in our butts to lose too many games in a row; if we have a tough loss, its hard for me to see that we wont step it up the next week, especially with Sing running the show. Our players believe in "team", and we have a great core group of guys that show some promise.

I also believe that the front office has made some really great moves with free agency also this past offseason. Evans, Bly for example will prove their worth on our defense.

11-5 with key wins in week 1, against the Titans, and also a win in Houston
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
For the 2009 - 2010 season this is what I predict.

~ 2 QB's who can't play.
~ A CB injured before the season starts and unproven guys behind him.
~ Safety problems which haven't been fixed.
~ No pass rush at all.
~ Relying too much on Manny to bring pass rush when he hasn't shown any.
~ Replaced in injured RT with an injured RT.
~ Unproven and overhyped WR's.
~ A TE who can't run routes and can't catch.
~ A front office that keeps missing on draft picks and FA's.

1 - 15.

The #2 pick in the draft behind the 0 - 16 Lions.

I dont think youre very knowledgeable about the 49ers...
in my humble opinion of course

(In other related news, I was at the mall yesterday and seen what you could tell was a BRAND NEW throwback Montana jersey being worn by a guy. Eager to strike up a new friend I approached to get his feedback on our season and future. I said I liked his Jersey and asked, "What do you think about Crabtree"? He said, "Oh, I dont know who he is". He said he hasnt watched football in a long time. I could tell he didnt know anything up to date with the NFL.)

By any chance were you in South Florida visiting on July 30th?
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