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Why is Niners gear so ugly

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Originally posted by Niners99:
Originally posted by Shifter:
I am looking through the site for gear...(yeah I know, my first mistake $$) What is the deal with all the ugly gear? From shirts to hats, they all look like crap. And Are the niners using a design school dropout to design for them? the 49ers script all pushed together looks atrocious...Give me the old Quentin font stuff any day. On a side note, didn't we OFFICIALLY change our uniforms and color scheme?? Someone needs to inform Reebok.

Are we Red??Are we Burgundy?? WTF

i agree with you.

ever since they changed from the Quentin font, our stuff has been getting uglier and uglier. now its this boring, plain 49ers font that looks more like a generic example than anything. the fonts and designs they use for our new gear look like a random person with no experience went on photoshop and made up some logos to display somewhere.

and our hats are always dominated by black....whats up with that? black isnt even one of our colors outside the rim of the logo. and its this horrible rubber stuff, or the leather.....

the NFL is trying way too hard to make a million and one different designs, fonts, logos, color patterns, etc, to sell team gear and make money. most of the stuff i see i just think "whos buying this crap? it looks terrible..."

and the official site blows. it has to be said. its better than some sorry excuses for NFL team sites, but its disorganized, and they cant decide on the color scheme.

its like a bulletin board crammed with links, ads, articles, pictures, logos, etc. and their info and stats are always way outdated. whoever runs the site is likely being paid big money to be extremely lazy. we changed our whole uni and color scheme, and it hasnt even been updated to reflect that. its still all dark red. they just pasted some patrick willis new uni pics here and there to make it look up to date.

the NFL needs to mandate an official site template like MLB does. everyones site is set up the same way so its easy to navigate and looks nice. as the baseball teams have proven, you can still make it unique if you put some effort.


I agree on that, Niners do have some ugly gear.
Who in the world will wear NFL gear to be "fashionable". Most of this crap looks silly. If i had to, I much rather wear a MLB jersey vs. football jersey. I think it looks silly when people wear this in public unless its to a game or sports bar.
Originally posted by plinius9mm:
Who in the world will wear NFL gear to be "fashionable". Most of this crap looks silly. If i had to, I much rather wear a MLB jersey vs. football jersey. I think it looks silly when people wear this in public unless its to a game or sports bar.

Amen, I got a few classics, if you don't like the way it looks..... don't get any new gear!
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Originally posted by Shifter:
Originally posted by 1251alex:
hmm, if a monkey clicked on here 700 times a day that wouldnt do much unless he was posting. Yet you keep coming back dont you? Were you an unloved middle child drama queen?
1. You have been on here just over six months, I'm not even going to lower myself to call YOU a noob I am just saying
2. You have posted 1200 times, I doubt any of them were intelligent
3. You added NOTHING to the conversation
4. I am pretty sure you just validated my monkey theory

You sir. FAIL.
Get a life, add something to the conversation or dont say anything

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LOL...defending your little buddy??
BTW I am curious who is winning your "who can post the most in six months without actually saying anything competition" looks neck and neck to me.....

I get what you are trying to do and I, in some ways, agree with your point. POst totals don't have much to do with the validity of a post.

However, you cannot go around making thinly veiled insults at other posters. Otherwise you are contributing to the same kind of hostile environment you are campaigning against in effect making you a hypocrite. So please cool it with the moron/idiot/unintelligent stuff. Thanks.
do you guys like this jacket?
Because you are a Raiders fan!
Originally posted by ninerfan4life:
do you guys like this jacket?
I'd rather have it framed than to wear outside

I hate that logo
Originally posted by PRIMETIME21:
u got to look at our mascot though, it's pretty lame, i mean wtf is a niner really, some old dude holding a pickaxe why couldn't we be the SanFrancisco sharks or something cool, with a nice mascot lol. Life long niner, so yeah i don't really care just putting my 2cents in agreeing our gear and mascot is pretty ugly, but it's the players that make the jersey's look good though, so i guess thats why the new jerseys look so good bringing back the look of when joe and rice were running things.

Ha ha our mascot was sportin a grass skirt and a straw hat at the probowl this yr! Ha ha it was awesome to see first hand. Our mascot is kinda cool. Back in the gold rush they dug out the gold. And well our gold now is that trophy. So obviously our mascot has been slacking. We need another trophy lol
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