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NFLN Video: Crabtree's Impact in 2009

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Here's a video on NFLN I found dated 6/30/09, sorry if it's a repost.

What Impact Will Crabtree Have This Year?
This time of year NFLN has no real new information, except for maybe Brett Favre.
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lol at 14 touchdowns for Crabtree
I think people are naturally impressed with 41 in 26 games.

10 would be phenomenal for him this year - rookie of the year territory. I don't expect that to happen because I think they'll ease him into the lineup.
The 49ers are going to bring Crabtree along the right way. No need to force him into the lineup right away. They want to make sure he learns the system properly.They have that luxury since Bruce and Morgan are there. Theoretically I would like to see Morgan and Crabtree as the Starters by midseason. I'm sure Bruce still has something he can bring to the table but I see this as being his final season. I don't know about 14 TDs but Crabtree will definitely help the Niners with their redzone woes.
Holy sh!t.. Jamie Dukes finally said something positive about a 49er football player. I still hate him but i have to agree with him this 1 time. Crabtree 12-15 TD this year
Who was the last rookie WR to have 14 touchdowns? lol
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The guy hasn't even done anything yet.

My prediction:
2500 yards
500 touch downs
You are too conservative! You forgot the 42 TDs he'll throw or run out of the wildcat! =)D He's a real John Wayne.
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