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2009 Team Slogan for the Season

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Originally posted by global_nomad:
Don't Tell me, Show me

"Our slogan for this year is, 'Don't tell me, show me,'" he (Jed York) said. "There's a reason that there's negativity around this team. We haven't been in playoffs since 2002.

"It's up to us to change that."


Whilst I agree slogans are a bit of a waste I can't help but agree with this sentiment. We have talent on this team. It requires the players to show us it.
How about, "Our coach can beat up your coach"
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Not to be negative, but after last season, I would label this year's slogan as one of the phrases I (and I'm sure other Niner fans) often uttered:

"You gotta be f*cking kidding me..."

In all seriousness, I like where Jed is going with his slogan, even if I think the concept of a slogan itself is lame. The coaches and players are always yapping at the beginning of the season about winning the west, making the playoffs, etc. Let's see some goddamned results for once.
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