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Your Breakout Player For 2009

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Originally posted by Kolohe:
I like Josh Morgan, he actually makes me feel more confident that we'll a game when he is on the field. But hes not my choice for breakout player.

I have to go with Jason Hill, having a more balanced attack now with more Gore in the mix and Vernon Davis. I think Jason Hill will find more ways to get open now.

I'm gonna change my prediction sense it looks as if J. Hill is on the hot seat. Instead I'm gonna go with Reggie Smith who I have been screaming for to replace Roman since he was drafted.
Originally posted by DANADA:

Please! Please! Please let this be the year!
Originally posted by 49ersalldaway126:
Originally posted by darkknight49:
ima say....dre bly.

He's got a chip on his shoulder. 7+ ints.

On Offense: VD finally shows he's worth more on pass plays than running plays.

um bly cant have a breakout year he is already a proven pro bowler

he can for us! Maybe haraelson then
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Adam Snyder maybe the breakout player for 2009. I really would like to see Jason Hill get more playing time.
NATE DAVIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kid has some ballin' skills; things that just cannot be taught such as instinct, savvy pure courage and tenacity. Lookin' for him to come up huge against Dallas this weekend.

Michael Crabtree and by breakout i mean acne as he's sitting on his couch eating french fries and donuts in the process of losing a ton of cash by being a retard of epic proportions.

I think Joe Staley will finally put together a very good season at LT and get pro bowl mention.
I think we would benefit greatly from these players having breakout seasons:

Chilo Rachal - Easily the most talented guy on our roster. If he can mature quickly and play to his physical skills we could have a VERY GOOD line

Adam Snyder - He doesn't have to reach the pro bowl, but if he plays well enough to keep Marvel Smith on the bench, then we're probably set at LT, C, RG, and RT for a looong time

Kentwan Balmer - Our defense will be the heart of this team. If Balmer becomes an effective player (once again, not pro bowler, but a good player), he and J Smith could form the core of a great D-line. From there the rest of the defense will reap the benefits.

Reggie Smith - Everyone's excited about Goldson, but I've always thought Reggie Smith is the most talented safety on our team. Coming out of college I was hopeful that he would be our first round pick -- then her ran the 40 and I was hopeful he would be our 2nd round pick. When he fell to the 3rd I was ecstatic. I still dont' think I was wrong.

Josh Morgan - Many of us expect a huge season from him. If he doesn't deliver, our passing game may suffer once again.
Vernon davis and josh morgan. i like reggie smith and balmer a lot too but im not sure theyre going to get the pt this year.
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Manny "Money" Lawson

Vernon Davis
Originally posted by BamBam49er:
Alex Smith ftwz!!

ok now that we have that out of the way, my pick would be jason hill. speed, route running, hands, coolness. what else could you ask for?

better production?
Morgan + VD + Coffee !
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Originally posted by valrod33:

Sorry Roger Goodell is not on our team, at least hes in the NFL, unlike the guy next to him.
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