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**Guide to watching Niner games on the internet**

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Ugh I was getting that site ( real clean too...

Just found out it's on Fox here local in ATL! hah!
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Originally posted by Viliphied:
Originally posted by jt9ers:

This site is down now =( "content removed at the request of copyright holder"

Ach bollocks!
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Originally posted by ConVick:

kickoff is at roughly 8PM Eastern Time right?
any sites for the macs to watch niners game over the internet???
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Does anyone use I've been watching a lot of the preseason games on here lately. If there's any niner fans out there that can broadcast the games through this, it'd be awesome!

check out this guys channel.

I have been watching the preseason games live on TVU but now for some reason, TVU has stopped updating thier TV guide, so it does not show any listing after the 27th of august. Does anyone know if TVU will be broadcasting the Niner game this friday night?
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Hey, I'm thinkin about downloading that program that is shown on the front page of the zone. It's called .........

You have to pay a fee for it but it looks pretty good.

Anyone use this program to watch live Niner games on the internet?
How does it compare to stream tv?

Being a Niner fan living in NY is a pain in the arssss.
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Soooo has anyone watched a game using this software?

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Hi 49ers fans. On a related note: The St. Petersburg Times (Fla.) has been conducting an on-line poll the past month to determine THE MOST MEMORABLE Super Bowl play ever. The 25 nominees can be viewed at -- with each slide show narrated for the paper by Pat Summerall. It's easy to vote (the classic Montana to Taylor TD pass in Super Bowl XXIII is obviously one of the nominees) and the voting runs through Sunday, Aug. 31 -- so time is running out. Please take a few minutes to check it out and vote for your favorites. The paper will reveal the results in reverse order starting at the beginning of the regular season and running through the playoffs, culminating Super Bowl week (with the game set in Tampa Feb. 1). Thanks and best of luck this season!
where will fridays game be shown
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i wanna know too
is Justin.TV still down?
that website seems pretty cool. I just need to find out if I can run their software on my mac with crossover.
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