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Which position is the highest priority for the Niners in the 2024 draft?

Which position is the highest priority for the Niners in the 2024 draft?

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OT seems to be the obvious choice for the reasons already mentioned. The problem is, that the best ones go very early, and we will likely be drafting at the tail end of round one.

I just did a quick check of the top 25 OTs and their draft round, according to the latest PFF rankings:
Rd #1 - 10
Rd #2 - 5
Rd #3 - 3
Rd #4 - 1

There is the infrequent unicorn like Jordan Mailata but the odds of drafting a top OT are not good. Maybe there is a Larry Allen out there playing for a Sonoma State but that train already left.

Maybe all that cap space will bring an OT in free agency but looking at 2024 OT FAs is not very exciting.

Draft a small college prospect and coach him up.
No, we're going to face game wrecking edge players on our superbowl runs so we need studs at T.
Trade up for a T. It's worth it.

we have a lot of draft capital and not a lot of roster space so we could trade up. But this is a top-heavy draft for OT. They are 3 OTs who are clearly above everyone else this year but all have top 10 talent so i don't see them getting out of the top 15 might be worth trading up if they get out of top 10 with all the QBS?

There are a lot of round 2-3 prospects though (could easily move up as the season goes on and through the draft process). I am ok reaching for our guy at the end of the first for a guy we really like at OT a few guys i want to keep my eye on are
Barton from Duke ( i think he really fits our system)
Suamataia from BYU

The 3 guys who are slam-dunk first-round prospects are
Olumuyiwa Fashanu from Penn State (he is going top 5 most likely)
Joe Al from ND
JC Latham from Alabama

outside that there isn't a slam dunk first round prospect which means late in first there is a good chance we can get a good prospect that we like.

Just for fun, based on draft value calculations, here is what it would take to move up to:

#10 overall - our #1, plus our 2024 #1, plus a 4th round pick.

#20 overall - our #1 plus our #2

I'm not opposed to trading up. We just need to find a trade partner willing to give up their shot at one of the most important positions on the team.

wonder if there is any trade targets that have 2 or 3 years left on their contracts that is worth 2 firsts and a 4th.

Would love to see a known quantity come in that we could swing a CMC type trade for....get the old team to eat part of the contract.

no team in the history of the league has traded a starting OL midseason
The members who have suggested OL help make a good point. I'm not sure a team could ever have too much depth at either the T, G or C position
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no team in the history of the league has traded a starting OL midseason

Didn't the Texans trade Duane Brown mid season not too long ago?
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