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49ers Draft Targets

We're a little over a week away from the draft so here are my favorite prospects that I'd be ecstatic if the Niners landed...

The Niners badly need a speed rusher to threaten the edge a la Dee Ford. They have depth all across the DL, but they simply don't have an explosive, speed rusher who can put pressure on opposing OTs. I'm a big Derick Hall fan who has all the desired measurables and produced over his career in the SEC. Isaiah McGuire isn't the prototypical speed rusher but he's a complete player, a two-time team captain and had a very good 10-yard split times. Finally, there's a group edge rushers that have similar builds and explosive traits who should be available in the 3-6 round range; the ones I'm most excited about Diaby, his teammate Yasir Abdullah, Lonnie Phelps and Jose Ramirez.

Derick Hall Auburn 6'3" 254 Projected: Late 2nd / Early 3rd
Isaiah Foskey Notre Dame 6'5" 264 Projected: Late 2nd / Early 3rd
Isaiah McGuire Missouri 6'4" 268 Projected: 3rd Round
YaYa Diaby Louisville 6'3" 263 Projected: 3rd / 4th Round
Yasir Abdullah Louisville 6'1" 237 Projected: 4th / 5th Round
Lonnie Phelps Kansas 6'2" 244 Projected: 5th Round
Jose Ramirez Easter Michigan 6'2" 242 Projected: 5th / 6th Round
Tavius Robinson Ole Miss 6'6" 257 Projected: 6th / 7th Round

This isn't an elite OT class but there are few tools-y prospects who should be available in the 3rd round. I'd love for the 49ers to grab one of Nick Saldiveri, Blake Freeland or Wanya Morris in the 3rd. Saldiveri is probably most plug and play but also has the lowest ceiling. Freeland is an athletic freak but not sure if his body is mature enough to withstand a full NFL season. Meanwhile Morris is incredibly long, smooth and has as much upside as anyone in the draft but his compete and strength leave something to be desired. Later in the draft, Earl Bostick, Jake Witt and Trevor Reid all have the athleticism to develop into starters.

Matthew Bergeron Illinois 6'5" 318 Projected: 2nd Round
Nick Saldiveri Old Dominion 6'6" 318 Projected 3rd / 4th Round
Blake Freeland BYU 6'8" 303 Projected: 3rd / 4th Round
Wanya Morris Oklahoma 6'5" 307 Projected: 3rd / 4th Round
Warren McClendon Georgia 6'4" 306: Projected: 5th / 6th Round
Earl Bostick Jr. Kansas 6'6" 309 Projected: 6th / 7th Round
Jake Witt Norther Michigan 6'7" 301 Projected: 7th Round
Trevor Reid Louisville 6'4" 311 Projected: 7th Round / UDFA

This is a very deep draft for TEs but there is a dramatic fall off in talent after the 3rd round range. Sam LaPorta and Tucker Kraft would be incredible fits for the 49ers but I'm not sure they have the ammunition to grab them. Brenton Strange could be a nice consolation prize. After that, you're looking at upside without many complete prospects available.

Sam LaPorta Iowa 6'3" 245 Projected: 2nd Round
Tucker Kraft S Dakota St. 6'5" 254 Projected: 2nd / 3rd Round
Brenton Strange Penn St. 6'4" 253 Projected: 3rd / 4th Round
Zack Kuntz Old Dominion 6'7" 255 Projected: 4th / 5th Round
Josh Whyle Cincinatti 6'6" 248 Projected: 5th Round
Will Mallory Miami 6'5" 239 Projected: 5th / 6th Round

This is an incredibly weak class for safeties. My favorite prospect is Anthony Johnson Jr, Brock Purdy's former teammate from Iowa St. Johnson is a former CB who moved to S last year and performed very well. He's got the coverage skills to match up with TEs and even some WRs and is a very heady player. If he's not available in the 5th, I like Jordan Howden later in the draft.

Quan Martin Illinois 5'11" 194 Projected: 3rd Round
Anthony Johnson Jr. Iowa St. 6'0" 204 Projected: 4th / 5th Round
Ronnie Hickman Ohio St. 6'1" 203 Projected: 5th Round
Brandon Hill Pitt 5'10" 193 Projected: 5th Round
Jay Ward LSU 6'1" 188 Projected: 5th / 6th Round
Jordan Howden Minnesota 6'0" 203 Projected: 6th / 7th Round
At safety, I imagine we are looking for someone with high end athletic traits. We have Huf a lil more at the LOS often, so may need more of a centerfielder type with range, coverage skills. Last line of defense type.

I like your detail on this
Another quality draft post from the OP
Nailed it. One thing I would add is a breakaway threat at RB. The Niners almost always draft a RB so you have to include it in this list. Achane, Abanikanda and Mitchell would be my choices.
Agree Edge then OT likely top targets need wise, I usually go CB next but Safety makes sense for the Niners. The TEs available might be too much to resist. WR might be a higher priority for the Niners than the fans
A lot of the TE's are comng off the board in the 2nd round
Originally posted by WildBill:
A lot of the TE's are comng off the board in the 2nd round

Indeed. I may have been wrong here. Hoping we don't have to trade up. With that said, there will be some good talent at 99.
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