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BJ Thompson-EDGE-Stephen F Austin

Pretty much built to play in the Wide 9, undersized, limited pass rush moves but with ridiculous athleticism and crazy length. First step and burst off the snap are absolutely filthy. He could fulfill the role of speed rusher across from Bosa. The things Kocurek could do with a guy that has this much raw potential and freaky athletic ability? His size at 238 pounds will limit his fit for a lot of schemes, age is also a downside(25) and he has struggled against the run but is looking like a solid 4th to 5th rounder that can step in as a 3rd down pass rush specialist as a rookie.

Copy and paste my post from another thread:

Coming from an FCS school, it was good to see him dominate the competition at the Shrine Bowl. Similar to McDonald, Thompson is an elite athlete with 35" arms. Also similar to McDonald, he is undersized....he has long and thin legs that I worry are going to snap like toothpicks at any moment. In fact, he's even lighter than McDonald. I don't think he's quite as bendy as McDonald, but he may be more athletic. He was a 2-way player and 4 sport athlete (football, basketball, baseball, track) in highschool. He is expected to have a 40"+ vertical. Not sure if he got a combine invite, but I'd expect him to be added after his performance at the shrine bowl.
Could he be good at LB?
Get this kid into an NFL strength and conditioning program to add some muscle/mass and he should be great. Would be a good late round flyer pick as a designated pass rusher.
This is the type of dude that you say is a lb then line up at edge like Reddick. NFL coaches and dcs have no idea wtf to do when they do this.

We saw this over and over last year where dcs have no idea and just shove a tight end there to get blown up instead of treating them like legit edge rushers.

Or they put the RB on them or pull a wr receiver and he owns them.

You just have to scheme it right.
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