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Cooley's one and only mock

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Here it is...I left out profiles since most know who these guys are

1(30) CB/S J.Ward, N.Illinois
Plug him in as a NB early, worst case scenario he moves to safety down the road, though I'd bet he becomes a solid starting LCB

2(56) WR C.Latimer, Indiana
Future Starting Split end

2(61) OLB M.Smith, Louisville
Depth and Insurance behind Aldon and Ahmad, fresh legs as a blitzer in the meantime

3(77) WR J.Landry, LSU
Future starting Flanker

3(94) CB B.Breeland, Clemson *trade up
Backs up Brock at RCB, Possible starter down the road

3(100) S D.Bailey, USC
Special teams player early, Good depth at Safety

4(129)*traded to move up for Breeland

5(170) RB/RS D.Thomas, Oregon
Return Specialist and possible 3rd down RB

7(242) CB A.Colvin, Oklahoma *trade up into 6th
Red shirt till '15

7(243) *traded to move up for Colvin along with '15 future late round pick

7(245) FB T.Millard, Oklahoma
Red shirt till '15

Notes- I didnt draft ant ILB's, I think were ok with Moody, Wilhoite and Fleming
I didnt draft any OL, cause i like Looney as a backup OC, and Marquart and Bykowski as projects
I didnt draft a QB, I like Gabby as #2, and BLT as a practice squader, creating an extra roster spot
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Not to bad there
Good mock.
One of the best mocks I've seen. Particularly like Millard at the end there.
Ward is the only pick I'm not sure about but overall it looks good
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Not bad, I'm just not sure if we can wait until pick 94 to take a corner. I do like Breeland and Colvin, but I feel like we need a frontline player there.
I would be very happy with this haul.
Finally, Someone showing love for Jimmie Ward.
Not bad. I know that Kiper really likes Jimmy Ward calling him a premier cover safety. I could live with your picks.

Nice mock!
Originally posted by Viperboy:
Finally, Someone showing love for Jimmie Ward.

I like Ward a lot, great mock Cool seems like you made it with the 9ers point of view instead of your own
Landry won't fall that far.
I'd say Ward's a good football player, but not a 1st rounder...checked profile and Walter Football's draft prospect rankings and they both have him going rds 2-3. That sounds about right. So, my option for him would be Kyle Fuller, a very well-rounded CB who largely because he's another in a long line of VA Tech DB's, is also a very good ST'er.

I see WR Coach Morton spent 90 mins or so w/Latimer, so that might be an indicator he's among the WR's Baalke & Harbaugh like. Same could be said for DeVante Adams, another WR who played basketball as a 2nd sport. Think either guy could be the pick. I also like Jordan Matthews because of his consistency and production. I'd be stoked with any of the three, really.

Love Marcus Smith...he really impressed me in Louisville's conf championship game.

Landry disappointed with his 40 time at the remains to be seen if Baalke/Harbaugh are impressed enough with his game speed. I'd go for Ellington, who had a very nice 40 time, but also plays very quick and is a dandy KR.

I like the rest up to Colvin...many have included him in their mocks, but he's really smallish with his reckless abandon style of play for the NFL. Think I'd take an ILB there, if not earlier.

Props to you, OP! Great call.
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