Look at the roster and you see a lot of potential spots open up.

WR We have 3 if Boldin resigns, 4 if you keep Osgood. There are 6 spots available. Based on 2 QB's, 8 OL, 3 TE , 2 FB, 4 RB, and 6 WR. That 2 open spots at WR

OL Goodwin leaving opens a roster spot. If Snyder goes there are 2, Open spots 1-2

QB McCoy leaving makes 1 roster spot.

That's 4-5 on offense with potential to add more
for a back up FB and 3rd TE as well

DL 2 potential spots to replace Dobbs and TJE for upgrades after factoring in Dial and Tank

LB Solid group but Wilhoite is restricted FA and Bowman injured could create 1 spot

SS With the potential loss of Whitner that creates a spot as well as a potential upgrade to the back ups

CB We have only 2 trusted CB's signed, Brock and Culliver. We could draft 2 CB's and keep a player like Morris or Cox to fill the roster

That's 6 more potential spots on defense and more if you look to upgrade back up safety.

There are plenty of openings on the team for rookies to fill.