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EW Shrine Game

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Oakland- Texas cornerback Carrington Byndom.

New York Jets- South Dakota linebacker Tyler Starr, Furman guard Dakota Dozier, Wisconsin defensive tackle Beau Allen and Texas cornerback Carrington Byndom.

Arizona Cardinals- Toledo wide receiver Bernard Reedy and UCLA defensive end Cassius Marsh.

Green Bay Packers- Michigan State linebacker Max Bullough (spoke with Ted Thompson).

Philadelphia Eagles- Furman guard Dakota Dozier.

San Diego Chargers- South Dakota linebacker Tyler Starr, Baylor tight end Jordan Najvar and Stanford defensive end Josh Mauro.

New Orleans Saints- New Mexico Dillon Farrell.

Baltimore Ravens- USC Kevin Graf.
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The third practice of the West team in the East-West Shrine was held in St. Petersburg, Fla. under cloudy skies with temperatures in the 60s. The players were in full pads and getting physical on day three, although a huge portion of practice was devoted to playbook installation and some situational football drills. There were a lot of complaints being voiced on the sideline from scouts and media about the lack of scrimmaging.

When the scrimmaging started, the West defense, coached by Romeo Crennel, had a good day. In the wide receivers versus cornerback one-on-ones, the defensive backs fared better than other days. The wide receivers have the advantage by being on the same page with the quarterback for the route in this drill. The corners don't have the help of other defenders, so it was impressive that the defensive backs had a quality performance.

San Jose State cornerback Bene Benwikere out-fought Nebraska wide receiver Quincy Enunwa for an interception. Getting an interception in these one-on-one drills isn't as common as one would think, and Benwikere had an impressive break on the ball.

Arizona cornerback Shaq Richardson came close to an interception while having tight coverage on Valdosta State wide receiver Seantavius Jones on a go route downfield. Richardson couldn't track down the pass for a pick, but he ran with Jones and didn't allow separation.

Arizona State cornerback Alden Darby had a solid practice. He had a pass broken up on a tough hit while covering Pitt State wide receiver John Brown. Brown had a nice practice on Tuesday, but didn't look as good Wednesday. Darby had another PBU when he drove hard on Jones coming back to the quarterback on a dig route. Jones slipped and Darby pounded the ball into the turf. Darby had some nice plays in run defense flying into the box to limit gains during the team scrimmage portion. The gritty Darby helped himself on Wednesday.

San Jose State wide receiver Chandler Jones had some nice moments. He burned Oregon State cornerback Rashaad Reynolds on an out-and-up for a long completion. Jones also toasted BYU safety Daniel Sorenson on a cut in the middle of the field to get wide open. Sorenson has had some struggles in coverage this week. Jones made a sliding catch on a low pass from Tommy Rees during the team scrimmage as well. Jones (5-11, 175) helped his cause on Wednesday.

Two linebackers stood out on Wednesday. South Dakota's Tyler Starr dropped an interception after he made a nice break on the ball to undercut a route. It was an easy catch in what could have been an impressive play from Starr. A few plays later, Starr redeemed himself with a pick. Washington quarterback Keith Price was pressured out of the pocket. Instead of running with the ball, Price tried to fire a fastball to a receiver along the sideline. Starr dived to snatch the pass in front of the receiver, which got the entire defense fired up.

Michigan State linebacker Max Bullough had his best practice of the week. He filled some lanes well to be in position to make tackles in the run scrimmage. He then had probably the best play of the entire practice in the team scrimmage. Bullough dropped into pass coverage backpedaling toward the sideline from the middle of the field. Bullough got good depth in his drop and was able to make a leaping interception on a pass from Ball State's Keith Wenning. It was a very impressive play from Bullough that flashed some pass coverage ability in what has been a weakness in his game.
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One receiver who has impressed scouts and enjoyed a good week is Coastal Carolina's Matt Hazel. The 6-foot-3, 190-pounder showed nice quickness and route-running for a receiver with size. Hazel did well in the scrimmage including one play where he beat Lindenwood cornerback Pierre Desir (6-2, 206) out of the slot for a long completion. During the seven-on-seven portion, Hazel was streaking open down the field, and Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo laid out a pass too far in front. Hazel went full extension as he laid out to make a diving catch for a big gain.

Garoppolo, however, needed to throw that ball sooner to hit Hazel in stride so he could keep running for a touchdown. Garoppolo then fired a bullet in the red zone to Miami wideout Allen Hurns in a tight window for a score. During the team 11-on-11 scrimmage, Garoppolo laid out a deep ball for Hurns who was covered along the sideline but the pass sailed out of bounds. Garoppolo needed to give Hurns a chance to make a play for him. Garoppolo did have a good completion on a pass to Michigan's Jeremy Gallon in the flat. Garoppolo had a quality practice, but he wasn't dominating.

Hazel outfought Utah State Nevin Lawson for a touchdown reception in the goal-to-go seven-on-seven. Hazel got ripped hard to the ground, but held onto the pass from Garoppolo. Scouts compared Hazel to Jacksonville Jaguars receiver Cecil Shorts in his ability to make plays. Hazel definitely helped himself this week.
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Thursday January 16

Coastal Carolina WR MATT HAZEL has proven once again that small school guys generally respond positively to the higher level of player competition and coaching at these venues. HAZEL has looked better and more comfortable every day this week. I fully expect him to have a good game Saturday.

Valdosta State WR SEANTAVIOUS JONES is another small school player who has really improved as the week has gone on. He looked particularly dangerous today on end zone throws. He was very effective on back shoulder catches.

And speaking of players from small schools, CB MARCUS WILLIAMS from FCS national champion North Dakota State also looks the part of a legit prospect. He got better every day and was very receptive to coaching.
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Wide receivers

John Brown/Pittsburg State
Tues: Small but quick, runs terrific route and caught the ball well in full scrimmage. Had few problems with drops during the drills.
Wed: Showed a lot of skill running routes, getting separation and catching the ball with his hands. Does not have a burst nor is he really fast for a smaller wide out.

Chandler Jones/San Jose State
Tues: Quick and a good route runner. Did struggle in battles.
Wed: Made several nice receptions. Terrific job snatching the ball with his hands away from his frame.

Seantavis Jones/Valdosta State
Tues: Struggled and very inconsistent. Runs poor routes, drops a lot of passes and shows little in the way of speed.
Wed: Caught the ball better yet did not stand out in any single aspect, as a Division II player needs to.

Bernard Reedy/Toledo
Tues: For the most part very good and the best receiver on the field. Runs great routes, shows a terrific burst and for the most part, caught everything thrown to him
Wed: Had a few drops today but for the most part turned in another solid practice.

Jeremy Gallon/Michigan
Mon: Small and slow- not good combination.
Wed: Lined up primarily in the slot and did a solid job catching the ball.

Matt Hazel/Coastal Carolina
Mon: Lacks speed and a deep burst yet made several nice catches. Fights hard to come away with the ball.
Wed: Very good underneath receiver. Run good routes and catches the ball well yet shows little in the way of speed or ability to get separation down the field.

Allen Hurns/Miami-Fl
Mon: Made a number of nice receptions in both the deep and short field. Sneaky fast.
Wed: Another strong day. Makes a lot of tough catches and works hard. Definitely improved his draft stock.

Ja-Mes Logan/Mississippi
Mon: Didn't have many passes thrown in his direction yet looked natural catching the ball when he got his chances.

Erik Lora/Eastern Illinois
Mon: Small yet tough as hell and fights to come way with the reception.
Wed: Terrific day for Lora. Runs quick, crisp routes, separates from defenders and catches just about everything thrown in his direction.
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Defensive Backs
Bene Bewiker/San Jose State
Tues: Showed a lot of quickness and nice burst in his game. Had one terrific pass break-up in the late going.
Wed: Technically sound and shows a lot of quickness in his game but seems to give up a lot of receptions.
Carrington Byndom/Texas
Tues: Sized well and fights throughout the action to break up the pass. Had a terrific pass defense in the long field though it was against a slower receiver.
Wed: Did a solid job throughout the entire practice. Did not make mental mistakes or get beat deep yet really does not show much in the way of overall quickness in his game.
Alden Darby/Arizona State
Tues: Looks like one of the better safety's in attendance quick, fluid and covers lot of area on the field.
Wed: Again- another solid day for Darby. Does not get beat and did a terrific job working with cornerbacks. Good range and easily gets outside the numbers to make plays.
Bennett Jackson/Notre Dame
Wed: Showed some feistiness in his game and fought hard to defend the pass. Made some nice defenses down the field but I just don't know if he has the overall athleticism to be anything other than a dime back at the next level.
Sean Parker/Washington
Wed: Played smart, disciplined football. Really did not make too many plays on the ball but always around the action helping out.
Rashaad Reynolds/Oregon State
Tues: Looks the part but gives up to many receptions. Played soft coverage by design yet never seems to be close to the action.
Wed: Another struggle for Richardson. Got beat in underneath coverage and looked terrible trying to make a tackle after the catch during drills
Shaquille Richardson/Arizona
Tues: Has his moments. Terrific size and outmuscles opponents but marginal quickness. Bump and run corner.
Daniel Sorensen/BYU

Tues: The biggest of all the safety's but straightlinish and best playing downhill.
Brock Vereen/Minnesota
Tues: Works hard and displays skill but only effective between the numbers.
Marcus Williams/North Dakota State
Tues: Did not do too much during one-on-one's or full scrimmage but from a technical point of view looked as good as any cornerback during drills.
Wed: Again, technically sound and shows a lot of quickness in his game but did not make a lot of plays on the ball. Looks the part
Ricardo Allen/Purdue
Mon: Technically very sound yet gave up a lot of underneath receptions all afternoon.
Wed: Was used in a variety of roles (over the slot receiver, corner blitz) and did an adequate job. Problem with Allen is he looks great in drills yet does not translate it to pass break-ups during one-on-ones, seven-on-sevens, full scrimmage.
Tre Boston/North Carolina
Mon: Non-descript practice. Used as a traditional strong/zone safety
Wed: Terrific day for Boston. Did well in drills, stood out in one-on-ones and had a strong scrimmage. Fast, covers a lot of ground and showed next level ball skills.
Ross Cockrell/Duke
Wed: Cockrell struggled on Monday but looked real good on the final day of practice. Physical and fast Made several nice defenses of deep passes in both drills and full scrimmage.
Pierre Desir/Lindenwood
Mon: Has a long, lean build and very athletic. Showed a lot of flashes. Articulate, intelligent young man.
Wed: Seemed to get a little confused at times and gave up a few receptions. Showed the physical skills to play in the NFL yet also shows he's very raw and rough around the edges.
Phillip Gaines/Rice
Mon: Nice size and impressive looking. Struggles making plays with this back to the ball.
Wed: Made a number of nice pass defenses, including one in the deep field which drew applause from scouts and onlookers. Still feel he's better as a zone corner/dime back.
Andre Hal/Vanderbilt
Mon: Showed a few flashes of dominance throughout the session.
Wed: A bit inconsistent. Made some nice plays but also gave up a few receptions and was beaten on occasion.
Nevin Lawson/Utah State
Wed: Struggled from start to finish. Gave up a number of receptions and was beat often.
Hakeem Smith/Louisville
Mon: Tough, downhill safety with a terrific burst of speed.
Wed: Looks the part yet really struggled when he was asked to play over the slot receiver in man coverage. Slow in transition and often loses a half step attempting to turn and run with opponents.
Jemea Thomas/Georgia Tech
Wed: Sparsely applauded by coaches but for the most part had a tough day.
Excellent - thanks for all the work.
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1. QB Jimmy Garoppolo, Eastern Illinois - There might have been certain points in the week where Jeff Mathews looked like a better prospect, but when comparing inseason action, the two are not close. Garoppolo has quick feet, quick eyes, and a quick release. As long as a quarterback can find open throwing lanes and/or throw from multiple platforms, I do not care about their height, but some evaluators were happy to see Garoppolo measure in over 6'2 and with a hand size of 9.13 inches.

Teams will likely question his ability to work from center and hit patterns with timing and anticipation. Garoppolo certainly works through multiple reads, but there is a bit of an improvisational style to it. The progressions seem to be at his pace.

Many offenses rely on quick decision makers with a quick release, and Garoppolo can absolutely check these boxes. Things change a bit when pressured, as the quarterback has a tendency to drift laterally rather than step up or work from a phone booth. Garoppolo will end up in the crowded tier of passers after the top four, but do not be surprised if he tops that group. He displays mobility, touch, velocity, placement and a willingness to hit receivers at every level of the field. A second day selection is within reach for Garoppolo.

2. CB Pierre Desir, Linwood - Long, athletic corners that can match up with receivers at the catch point will be coveted during the draft process. He might be a "small school" prospect, but Desir fits the bill. Standing at 6'1/197 with almost a 33-inch reach, Desir could wind up as one of the longest corners in this class.

I always complain about college programs not implementing more press man coverage, especially since illegal contact does not exist at this level of football. Since it is not allowed in the actual all star game, Desir was limited to off coverage situations, something he was accustomed to at Linwood. One thing is apparent, Desir is not stiff. He can transition in and out of his breaks and to close or run with receivers. There are some technical areas to work on, and many can likely be attributed to impatience, but Desir is further along than many might believe.

3. WR Jeremy Gallon, Michigan - Again, I will list height and weight because the NFL obsesses over measurements at times, but for a receiver that stands at 5'7/183 pounds, Gallon can absolutely fight at the catch point. That skill was apparent in pre-event game study, as Gallon consistently works back to his quarterback and leaves his feet to win in contested situations.

Gallon spent much of the week in the slot and did very well. He is not the quickest or shiftiest, but Gallon can be technical and is difficult to reroute. Despite his height, Gallon is not limited to that alignment. I know he is short, and he is old (24 in February), and he might not run the fastest forty, but I want Gallon on my team.

4. WR Matt Hazel, Coastal Carolina - As I said in my preview, do not be surprised if Hazel ends up as the first receiver selected from this group. Many FCS or lower level prospects get by with athleticism, but Hazel already has a great blend of agility and veteran flashes. One sequence stood out this week, with Hazel utilizing a double move on Desir and adjusting for the catch downfield after creating plenty of separation. He is a true hands catcher with good size (6'1/196). The Linwood corner called Hazel the best receiver he faced during the week of practice. Evaluators know what they are going to get from Hazel, specifically precise movements and reliability at the catch point,

5. DT Justin Ellis, Louisiana Tech - Do not typecast Ellis as a run defending nose tackle because of his size (6'1.5/351). Ellis is an upfield disruptor who wins with upper body strength off the line and lower body push to keep his opposition on skates. The Louisiana Tech product is actually quite nimble on his feet, exhibiting a variety of counter moves, including an inside spin move. The combination of the two put Oklahoma's Gabe Ikard on his back in one on one drills.

Ellis can improve with his run defense, but that will be a natural progression once his pad level and hips drop in these situations. For this reason, Ellis could play a similar role as Star Lotulelei this season if he ends up in the starting lineup: three technique in base sets and moving to the one in obvious pass rushing situations.

6. QB Jeff Mathews, Cornell - Mathews was a bit of a train wreck this season compared to 2012. His offensive line was dreadful, but Mathews compounded that with inconsistent pocket movement and a tendency to want to make big plays instead of the correct play.

This week Mathews displayed development, hitting tight windows with anticipation, velocity and placement. There were also flashes of pocket movement, specifically climbing tight spaces when faced with edge pressure, but it was far from live action. Mathews should be a third day pick and will sit on a team as the second or third quarterback early on in his career.

7. G Dakota Dozier, Furman - The tackle to guard conversion works much better on the inside. There is an argument to be made that Dozier was the only interior offensive lineman that can bend at the knees to absorb and redirect rather than at the waist. I doubt Dozier is an instant starter, but teams are looking for guards everywhere, especially ones that could potentially be a utility lineman and play multiple spots along the line.

8. DE Will Clarke, West Virginia - Clarke did not impress very much this week. In the early practices the long edge rusher was easily contained or driven back, but the upside is there. If Clarke can maximize his length and combine speed around the corner with hand use for power, he has a real chance at success. If not, I wonder if teams try to bulk him up, which is always an inexact science. Clarke could work best in wide seven and nine alignments.

9. T Charles Leno Jr., Boise State - Leno has great length for the position and is starting to learn how to use it effectively. He does get jolted a bit too much on first contact, but lower body athleticism is there to keep footwork and mirror. Length is a factor here as well. Leno is not the type to play in his first year, at least in an ideal situation, but he is a nice day three prospect to have on the roster.

10. T Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, McGil - Along with Dozier and Leno Jr., Duvernay-Tardif was the only offensive lineman to consistently display knee bend and good lower body athleticism to mirror. He held up better than many big school prospects.

11. DL Jay Bromley, Syracuse - Bromley produced huge numbers for the Orange this season. Many of these tackles for loss were results of second and third efforts. I question if Bromley can win with his initial move, whether it be quickness or working through blockers. Counter moves or second efforts aren't negatives, but many times Bromley was not engaged, rather he was able to run around awaiting offensive linemen. He showed more development, specifically hand use, this week.

12. DL Kerry Wynn, Richmond - Wynn is one of the few prospects I had not seen prior to the week. I apologize. He lined up as a power end as a five technique and showcased some good bend for such a big man (6'5/268). I would like to see him used more inside in sub-package situations, and teams might see this as his initial role in the NFL.

13. QB Keith Wenning, Ball State - I like Wenning. He should be drafted. The pocket movement with good eye level and velocity combined with touch to hit passes int he short to intermediate areas is there. He can succeed on some 20+ yard throws thanks to timing and placement. I cannot comment on his intelligence or personality, but many times that is what keeps third quarterbacks on rosters if they were not an upside selection.

14. CB Phillip Gaines, Rice - Gaines is a press corner that can contest passes at the catch point. He was not able to do the former much this week.

15. Edge rusher Shaquil Barrett, Colorado State - Barrett offers nice bend for an edge rusher but played all three traditional linebacker spots this week. I would like to see more hand use or more burst to take advantage of that edge flexibility, but he knows where he wins.

There were a handful of other prospects who could fit into these last few spots, including WR Chandler Jones, DL Josh Mauro, RB Zach Bauman, WR Erik Lora, S Sean Parker and TE Jordan Najvar.
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Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Excellent - thanks for all the work.

Thank you.

I read all this stuff anyway. No reason not to share what I find interesting.
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San Francisco 49ers 2014 Draft: A Scouting Guide for East-West Shrine Game

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I've been at every Shrine Game practice thus far, and here are my overarching takeaways from the practice fields of St. Petersburg…

1. Tyler Starr is a star. The South Dakota linebacker has really put on a show during the West practices. He's proven to be the most agile and quickest LB on the squad, and on Wednesday he picked off a pass and followed that up by slamming the running back for a tackle-for-loss on the very next rep. He's got a strong future and is system versatile. He's got young A.J. Hawk hair too.

2. Jeff Mathews is the best QB in St. Pete. A lot of my colleagues are giving love to Eastern Illinois QB Jimmy Garoppolo, but I prefer Mathews and will grade him higher. Mathews was somewhat stymied at Cornell by a pedantic offense and middling coaching. He's flashed a better arm and better downfield precision here than Garoppolo, who didn't impress me Monday but looked pretty good on Wednesday. Mathews has a more compact release and stands taller, though his movement skills are not as adroit. When seeing Mathews in person I would swear he's 6'5" even though he's measured at just over 6'3". There is a lot of desirable upside in Mathews, who should be a late third/early fourth round pick.

3. Earlier this week I said that the first player from the Shrine Game to be drafted will be Lindenwood CB Pierre Desir. I'll stick to that, because 6'1" corners with his movement skills just don't come along very often. He's pretty raw, but he's also a quick learner. A good coaching staff could rapidly mold him into a legit starting corner with scheme versatility. In my next mock draft he will be a second-round player. He's what the Lions hope Chris Greenwood becomes.

4. Desir's biggest challenger figures to be Garoppolo. On Wed. I saw what others have been raving about. He's got a pretty release with excellent balance and accuracy…at times. He still throws off his left foot with his right foot flying away and his shoulders falling off at times, but when his mechanics are sound he's very impressive.

5. One of the more pleasant surprises here has been McGill offensive tackle Laurent Duvernay-Tardif. I had never heard of the Canadian before this week, but he has proven he belongs. Predominately playing right tackle, he's proven to be technically sound and surprisingly adept at handling both speed and power. Most Canadians who have been here have been either not quite athletic enough or technically raw, but in two days of watching him pretty intently I've seem neither issue with Duvernay-Tardif. Others have noticed as well, including his opponents on the D-line, who have had nothing but good things to say about him. One prospect from a major BCS conference told me he's the best tackle he's ever played against. Keep him in mind on the draft's third day and hope your team takes a flyer on him.

6. One of the bigger disappointments from the week has been Oklahoma center Gabe Ikard. I've seen him in person (vs. Notre Dame) and was higher on him than most draftniks heading here. Unfortunately he has played down to their level instead of rising to my expectations. I still love his agility--no C here gets to the second level better--but he's a waist-bender with overextension issues. He's also a little shorter and shorter-armed in person than I expected. There is still legit 4th round potential for a zone-blocking scheme team, but my infatuation is gone. I'm reminded of my 11th grade crush on Debbie Gibson and then seeing her in Playboy and it just was like, okay.
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Tyler Starr from University of South Dakota has turned some head

"It has really been a learning experience for me," Starr said this week after three practices with the West squad, which is being coached by Romeo Crennel. "I'm on the field every day with some of the best college players in the nation and I'm trying to prove to people that I can play with them."

The multiple draft sites providing witness to practices have been anywhere from positive to really positive about what they've seen so far. It is next to impossible to vouch for that information's dependability, but it's safe to say that good buzz is better than bad.

"Starr made a number of big plays in coverage today including a nice interception along the sideline," Steve Shoup, a draftnik for Hogs Haven, wrote. "Even on the couple of times where Starr did give up a catch, he was in position to make a play and limit yards after the catch."

And there was this from committed draftnik Paul Guillemette of

"One of the biggest surprises on this squad to me has been South Dakota (linebacker Tyler Starr). The strapping 6-4, 249-pounder has been all over the field during 11-on-11 action. He topped today off with an acrobatic sideline pick. He wasn't on my radar at all a week ago. Now he's a nice addition to my draftable LB list."

Starr, the Little Rock, Iowa, native who was named the Missouri Valley Conference's defensive player of the year this season

Former University of South Dakota linebacker Tyler Starr is making waves during practice for the annual East-West Shrine football game set for Saturday at Tropicana Field.

At least according to a couple of bloggers on site.

Here's what Kyle Crabbs of NFL Draft Bible had to say about the 6-5, 250-pound Little Rock, Iowa, product:

"I was really impressed with this guy in person. He is simply massive in his frame and looks to have the ability to add on some legitimate girth to his frame. He moved well in linebacker drills and he looked like a WR plucking the football out of the air. I really wish I'd have had the chance to see him with the pads on to see how physically he plays against this level of competition, but there is plenty of football left this week. He gained my attention, however."

Then there's this from Jeff Risdon of

"South Dakota LB Tyler Starr had himself quite an afternoon. Earlier this week I wrote that he was the best athlete of the West LBs and he proved that again.

He undercut a route and nearly came up with a diving interception on one rep. On the very next rep, he mirrored Washington QB Keith Price as Price scrambled away from inside pressure. Price opted to try and flip the ball past him, but Starr reached out and made a strong INT. On the very next rep he quickly sniffed out a run and exploded past the blocking to nail the runner with a big thump.

"Starr has proven himself to be rangy, smart and athletic. There's a lot to like from the small school Starr. Okay, I know that was cheesy..."

Starr is playing for the West squad coached by Romeo Crennel against the East team coached by Jerry Glanville.

Kickoff is at 3 p.m. Saturday on the NFL Network.
Justin Ellis has been a beast thus far, I see everyone giving him props for working his ass off. He'd be worth a late-round look as a monster NT type. I also like Reedy even though he's greatly undersized, he's shown tremendous quickness and ability to separate no matter who he has been matched up with thus far.

Blake Jackson of Oklahoma has also looked pretty good, an ideal H-back type player with the right build and athleticism.
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The game is going to be broadcast on Game Pass--so I am going to watch the game.

I think it also might be available on the NFL Network.
The West Offense vs the East Defense is what I'm excited to see
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