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Rumors about trading up to 14 if DT Richardson is available

Originally posted by Disp:
Uhh what are you talking about? That's the complete opposite of true; high draft picks are worth substantially more now that there's a rookie wage scale. Now that top 5 rookies make $3-$4mil/season instead of $12-$15, the value of anything in the 1'st has skyrocketed. To get Julio Jones at #6 just 2 years ago the Falcons had to give up 2 first rounders, a second rounder, and 2 4'ths. Moving up in the first round is extremely costly with the new CBA.

Thanks beat me too it.

If its between Star and Sheldon i prefer Star but i would trusty Baalke by now to get the guy he wants.

Still wouldn't be surprised if we picked up an OLB
The only DL I'd trade up to get is want to talk beast, he's the man. You want to talk versatility, he's the man. The others are good, this guy has the chance to be great. Aside from him, I wouldn't make that trade, you'd be giving up way too much. If anything, Baalke should trade so he gets 2-3 more picks in rds 2 and 3 (not trading pick #34). The goal would be to end up with 7-8 picks in the first 3 rds...Baalke would have a field day. Then he could trade any leftovers to gain picks in 2014.
The point was, baalke could possibly pull this off, getting us one stud talent, and still keeping one 2nd rd pick. Baalke doesn't work that way tho. He protects his draft picks, at least til now, but i could see him targeting 2 starting DLs, a FS(not a starter, probably), and OT and TE. That would be 5 picks plus 3 comps(PK, OT, CB)., and with good luck he gets 3 starters out of this draft plus two potential starters. His reaches have not been for general consensus talent (aldon, Kap, AJ)...rather they have been the other direction. Kap was a brilliant move for the following season. superlatives good enough. AJ? Well, we shall see in a few short months.

With 13 picks, I think baalke will try and move up with 5 picks, to give him the best shot at a player he has targeted. Or he could take all 5 late picks and direct them towards one or two higher picks. But goining whole hog on a #14, just doesn't seem in keeping with his drafting philosophy.

The one place I could see baalke trading his later picks for might be ERtz. If he is half as good as he looks on tape, I could see that one move, and it isn't that it is that far off, at pick 24-28. I still think he tries for 2 DL starters, and takes a late FS, best on board, and an OT...then he calls it a day. Still room in there to roll a couple picks over into 2014.
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