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WRs for the niners to draft

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Originally posted by LieutKaffee:
I think they'll be interested in a "height/weight/speed" type prospect with upside in round 4 or later. Tyrone Goard or Aaron Mellette come to mind. But I could see them taking a guy in the 2nd or 3rd round if they think the value is really good.

That is a possibility. There will still be some big guys left in the later rounds who can play the deep ball :

  • Marcus Davis - Virginia Tech (ranked 29th, projected to go in the 7th)
  • Tyrone Goard - Eastern Kentucky (ranked 36th, projected to go in 7 or FA)

But, there is another guy that someone introduced me the other day who really impressed me :

  • Marquess Wilson - Washington State (ranked 33rd, projected to go in 7 or FA)

All these guys have something in common, all are 6'3" or above and can play the deep ball which is exactly what we need.

I tell you, I wouldn't be surprised if we picked up a 2nd WR in these rounds cos afterall all these 7th round compensatory picks have to be used up and are not tradeable anyway.
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Originally posted by TheFunkyChicken:
The three guys I like the most for the 9ers are DeAndre Hopkins, Stedman Bailey, and Ace Sanders.

I like all three so much, and the bulk of our current WRs so little, that I would actually be in favor of drafting all three of them.

Crazy I know, but I'd rather have too many good WRs for our team to have spots for than to get hosed in the post season because of shamefully poor WR depth for a THIRD YEAR IN A ROW.

Also, I like Hopkins despite his rock star antics:

Adam Schefter ‏@AdamSchefter 20m
A trashed hotel room at Indy scouting combine that Yahoo reported on belonged to Clemson WR DeAndre Hopkins and Rutgers WR Mark Harrison.

Why Ace Sanders ?! The guy is 5'7" !! You want more slot receivers ?!
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