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Year-five option, QBs in the late 1st, and trading back a few spots.

Very interesting article. Due to the current CBA, it seems the sweet spot for drafting a developmental QB is picks 11 through 32. Picking in the top 10 makes their 5th year salary much higher, and drafting after round 1 doesn't give the team a 5th year option at all.

Seems like we might be able to extract more value for the #31 than the old value chart would indicate. For example, would it be worth anything to the Eagles to be able to pick Manuel at #31 instead of #35? Alternatively, #31 would be a great place to get to for a team looking to take Manuel ahead of the Eagles.

If Datone Jones doesn't make it to #31, moving back just a few spots should be an attractive option. One complication is that the Ravens need a S at #32, so we'd have to make sure they don't like the same guy as us (e.g., if they prefer Elam and we prefer Cyprien or Reid, then we're fine). There's also a school of thought out there that they'll draft Keenan Allen to replace Boldin.
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