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Just read my NFL draft guide for 2013.

The part I find interesting is they go through each draft ick from 2012, and show how much production or lack of production the team got from the draft class. In general teams rebuilding will have more rookies playing, the play off teams had fewer, with the exception of the Colts and Redskins, which is an anomaly as Luck and Griffin where the two studs of the draft.

San Fracisco did not do as bad as one thinks. Other teams produced no starters and rookies saw little action. The interesting item also is there was contribution from all rounds of the draft, not just the first two or three. This makes me truly question trading up. If the niners cannot use all of their picks, I would rather trade the picks for future picks in 2014.

round 3, 9ers original pick, for a second rounder in 2014 (preferably with a team that you anticipate to be sub 500)
Round 4. Ditto above, trade for a third rounder in 2014.

Then use the remaining twelve picks remaining for 2014, betting on quantity hoping scouting pays off.

Have a good draft plus a 1, two twos' and two threes going into 2014 is a good place to be. Please do not give me this win now strategy, the niners still have 4 picks in the top 80 picks, they should use those on players that need to contribute, the rest could be devleopmental players, special teamers , back up qb, etc.
I would say use all our picks in first 3rounds (DE/CB/OLB PASSRUSH/SS/FS/DT) any comb of them needs trade 4th round picks for next yr use 5th round on Hopkins N Wolff trade 6th N 7th rounds use 7th round company on O-line
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