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Use a late round pick to draft Moss

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Originally posted by NextofKIN:
He didn't look very fast on the football highlights. Could of been because his QB kept throwing him bad passes.

At least he'd be used to jumping an diving for Alex type errant throws.

A few observations:

  • His highlight reel emphasizes his good hands (man, what a meh quarterback!), but of course we can't tell how many drops or fumbles he had during the season.
  • Agree on the speed. While he posted a pretty fast 40 on his pro day, maybe pads really slow him down. And he runs upright without much of a lean.
  • He telegraphs his moves too much. I think his lack of football experience shows here, and he'll need to learn deception and a football poker face. Maybe those skills aren't easily transferred from basketball, where players -- particularly guards -- use those all the time.
  • Speaking of basketball, the success of some BB players going to football is well-known (see Graham, Jimmy and Gonzales, Tony). So that's an interesting intangible. I imagine if Coby Fleener had played roundball in addition to Stewie-ball, he'd be a top ten pick this year.
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Easy to see you did your homework, Buck, and I applaud you for that. Interesting prospect...and as a late rd pick, what's Baalke got to lose? His ties to SD State are interesting, as are Harbaugh's to Stanford, which is why I see Fleener and potentially another of Coach's former players getting drafted.
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