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Your favorite draft pick this year

Originally posted by ninerlifer:
Originally posted by ninertico:
I am with Adrenaline...

Mr. Mike "The Mauler" Iupati!

this is the guy, right Tico?

Dude, nice vid. He put Malauga on his ass!
I'm partial to Williams but...

Gotta go with Iupati. I think he could be a pro-bowler in his 2nd/3rd year and the biggest lock for long term success.

That and he destroys people.
Taylor Swift. Because he hits like Taylor Swift

Taylor Mays. Im really pulling for this kid to prove the "experts" wrong
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Iupati...he is going to be a mauler. I was really rooting for Niners to draft him at 17. So, easily my favorite pick.

Least favorite - Mays. I hope he proves me wrong, but don't see the quickness to be anything more than a Roy Williams type of safety. Plus, he doesn't tackle as well as Roy Williams did.
Michael Iupati for me. When this guy was the 9ers home page going through his interview and he said he wanted to "destroy people" I said to myself:

Thats Sing man and thats the kind of player I would love to have on my team. And we got him which is great!

I heard the Steelers were aiming for him? Tells you a lot about this guy if the Steelers were HOT for him.
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