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My mock

1. STL- Sam Bradford: The Rams need a QB. If I were them I'd pick Suh, but they seem to want a QB. So that's what they get. A QB.

2. DET-Ndamukong Suh: If it were me I'd probably pick Okung to get a franchise LT to protect my franchise QB so he can get the ball to my superstar wide out, but I'm not the Lions. Schwartz is a defensive guy being from TN and he'll build his D around the best defensive tackle in the draft.

3. TB-Gerald McCoy: These guys have fallen off ever since they let Warren Sapp go, from being a superbowl team to being a playoff team, and then from a playoff team to being a horrible team. Morris is a defensive guy, he'll love to have a guy like McCoy who is disruptive and an improvement over their current DTs.

4. Washington-Russel Okung: They traded for McNabb so they could have a high powered offense, now they got to improve a horrible OLine. Okung's the most polished LT/best pass protector in the draft.

5. KC-Eric Berry: These guys would have a decent young D if their safeties didn't suck so bad and give up so many plays. The two Brandons(Carr and Flowers) are young corners, so they can compliment those guys with a safety like Berry who can do everything from that position. He can cover, play the run, get INTs, he's a really athletic guy and he's pretty big too.

6. Seattle-Trent Williams: Their OLine needs a replacement for Walter Jones, and their OLine is one of the reasons Hasselbeck is nowhere near as good as he used to be. They got their franchise QB pulverized. I almost went with CJ Spiller here since the Seacocks need playmakers though.

7. Cleveland-CJ Spiller: I almost went with Clausen here to be honest. The Browns need a QB, he might be a franchise guy, they have their franchise left tackle already and young WRs. It'd make sense. But supposedly Mangini doesn't like him and wants McCoy in the 2nd as far as I've heard on tv/net. So I gave them a playmaker because that team is devoid of playmakers, even though they already have a speedy running back too, he's just not as good as Spiller.

8. Oakland-Mike Iupati: It's kind of ridiculous to pick a guard at 8 but it IS the Raiders and he actually could be a really good player if they keep him at his natural position. Almost went with Bruce Campbell but I just couldnt do it.

9.Buffalo-Jimmy Clausen: Supposedly they're not interested and they want an OT. But Clausen is a really talented QB even though he seems a little b***hy, and the Bills just don't have any talented QBs. Fitzpatrick played ok for them last year, but he has a noodle arm. Trent Edwards hasn't lived up to his expectations and hasn't come close really. Supposedly they like Bulaga but they already have a really young OLine.

10. Jacksonville-Rolando McClain: They got rid of Mike Peterson a year or two ago, and they didn't seem to replace him with a big name. Their D took a hit and isn't as good as it was a few years ago when they made the playoffs and beat the Steelers in the first round. This way they get their MLB for the next 10 years.

11. Denver Broncos-Dez Bryant: They need more offensive talent after dealing away their best player. It's pretty simple, even though McDaniels might pick someone else here and will probably f**k it up like the guy does everything.

12. Miami Dolphins-Sergio Kindle: Okay hear me out. I almost went with Derrick Morgan, but that guy isn't a line backer. This is a team that runs a 3-4 defense and they just lost Jason Taylor and their other pass rusher got cut and sent to the Browns midseason. So Kindle gets picked a little too high, but Parcells likes pass rushers and gets a guy who fits his system.

13. San Fran-Joe Haden: The guy won't last past Tennesee or NYG, he's a great character guy, he's like a young Nate Clements before Nate lost a step, when he actually could call himself "lockdown 22". Sure Haden played some zone in Florida, but every big name WR he faced last year he owned. He shutdown Gilyard, AJ Green, Julio Jones, Brandon LaFell, etc. Haden also ran an 4.41 at his pro day when it was raining, which is harder to run on a wet surface. His time at the combine was only bad because of a back injury.

14. Seattle-Derrick Morgan: Kerney retired and wasn't the same player anyway. These guys just don't have anybody to really go get the QB. This gives them one, they need help in a lot of areas and he fits their 4-3 defensive end spot.

15. NYG-Jason Pierre Paul: Their pass rush isn't as good as it used to be. Umenyiora has fallen out of favor with their coaching staff after Spags left, Justin Tuck is a beast, they're alright at DT but they need another DE. They could also use another LB but that'd be a reach at this point. So they take care of their pass rush and they hope they can get it to the point where it was in 07 once JPP developes.

16. TN-Earl Thomas: Their secondary is somewhat old, Finnegan is still good but Harper is old and they could add another safety as well. Earl Thomas plays both CB/S and can give them some more turnovers.

17.Anthony Davis: All of us know this team needs a RT. Hear we go. 9ers sigh of relief when he's still there at this spot and we get our large mauling RT who can also pass protect.

18. Pittsburgh-Kyle Wilson: Their D isn't quite as good as it usually is and their secondary got worse last year after losing Bryant McFadden to the Cards. They might not get the offer they want for Ruthlessraper so they settle on a good corner who can cover.

19. ATL-Sean Weatherspoon: Their linebacker corp is old so they go get a freak
athlete who can play that OLB spot really well. Their D doesn't have too many weaknesses with Abraham up front, Weatherspoon/Lofton at linebacker, and Dunta Robinson at corner.

20. Houston-Ryan Matthews: These guys need a runningback really badly. Slaton was good 2 years ago but last year he had a problem running inbetween the tackles and fumbling the ball. They get their big #1 back and Slaton can be the complimentary outside runner.

21. Cinci-Jermaine Gresham: They need another reciever for Carson Palmer and they could use a WR here, but Gresham is a better TE than a guy like Demaryius Thomas is a WR. They need a TE and Gresham is good enough to contribute iimmediately for them.

22. NE-Brandon Graham: Their linebackers aren't that good anymore, cutting Adalius Thomas loose and they've lost Bruschi and the other guy(whose name I can't think of at the moment who used to get sacks for them) because they got old. They got a good player inside at Mayo but their pass rush needs to get better.

23. GB-Brian Bulaga: They need to improve that OLine, both of their tackles are pretty old like in their 30s or late 20s and they wont last too much longer. Bulaga is a technique guy who could play RT immediately and transition to LT over time.

24. PHI-Kareem Jackson: I'm a bigger fan of Patrick Robinson personally but supposedly Kareem J has risen up draft boards recently and they could use a corner opposite Samuel. They want to upgrade that secondary.

25. Balt-Jerry Hughes: These guys get themselves another OLB, so they have a legit guy opposite Suggs. Another option would be a safety to replace Reed at the moment but I don't feel like Nate Allen or Chad Jones are first round players and Taylor Mays kind of sucks.

26. AZ-Dan Williams: Their current NT is pretty old, they might have cut him though I'm not sure. Either way their D has lost a lot of guys and they need a guy in the middle.

27. Dallas-Charles Brown:They need to get younger on the OLine, they could reach on a guy like Ducasse. They could also pick TMays but I think they're probably scared off of a guy like him who only plays the run after they let go of Roy Williams. But Charles Brown is probably the best tackle left, he's a natural LT and they just got rid of theirs(Flozell Adams cut a few weeks ago).

28. San Diego Chargers-Toby Gerhart: You're all going to call me crazy but his production was there last year, they need a RB, the 2 best RBs are off the board, Gerhart's an underrated athlete(run a pretty good 40 time for a big back), the top NT is off the board, the top safety is off the board, and the top pass rushers are off the board. He's the best fit for them out of the guys that are left. Or they could go for a guy like Patrick Robinson to replace Cromartie.

29. NY Jets-Jared Odrick: Supposedly they could get rid of Shaun Ellis, so they can now replace him with the best 3-4 DE in the draft. Scary DLine with Jenkins back in the middle.

30. MN Vikings-Colt McCoy: They need a guy to groom to replace Favre, Tarvaris Jackson is shaky, and Colt fits as a WCO QB. There arent a whole lot of positions these guys need to realistically improve at.

31. Indy-Maurkice Pouncey: They dumped Lilja and Saturday is getting old. Pouncey is a guy who is talented enough to step in at OG and then replace Saturday in a few years. They want to improve their OLine to give Peyton more time back there and to reestablish a running game up the middle.

32. NO-Taylor Mays: The guy is really talented but he's not very good yet. But at the same time they need a safety to replace Sharper even if he re-signs, because the guy is getting old. They could also go for a guy like Alualu on the DL or another running back. They don't have a whole lot of things to improve on honestly.

What you guys think?
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I'd be happy with that.

As long as we get a DB and a OL with our two first rounders, im satisfied.
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Bulaga doesn't even get picked? Did I miss him?
Originally posted by Walsh:
Bulaga doesn't even get picked? Did I miss him?

Originally posted by silkyjohnson:
Originally posted by Walsh:
Bulaga doesn't even get picked? Did I miss him?


Wow I seriously forgot about Bulaga? FML then

edit: I added him even though I have him going too late still. But I liked my top 21 picks so...
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Why waste a pick on Davis who has obvious character and work ethic issues when Bulaga or Brown are available?

Do you really want us to take the OT version of Jemarcus Ruffles?
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