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OT Draft Data....

top 3 tackles could go in a row

washington - okung
kansas city - bulaga
seattle - trent williams
Pro Bowl Tackles last few years
Ryan Clady 12th pick
Joe Thomas 3rd pick
D'Brickashaw Ferguson 4th pick
Jason Peter UDFA
David Diehl 160th pick
Jonathan Stinchcomb 37th overall
Jordan Gross 8th pick
Walter Jones 6th pick
Jamal Brown 13th
Flozell Adams 38h pick
Chris Samuels 3rd pick
Michael Roos 41st pick
Jake long 1st pick
Chad Clifton 44th pick
Matt Light 48th pick
Marcus Mcniell 50th pick
Ogden 4th pick
Willie Anderson 10th pick
Tarik Glenn 19th pick
Originally posted by scopur49er:
Originally posted by Niners23:
In the last 3 pro-bowls, there have been 8 OT (note, this doesn't count OG or C) who have been picked after the 13th overall pick in the draft. In fact, all of these guys were 2nd rounders or later. They are: Matt Light Marcus McNeill, Chad Clifton, Michael Roos, Flozell Adams, Jason Peters, Jon Stinchomb and David Diehl. Seeing one statistic shouldn't convince us, or anyone to move up or down in the draft. The draft is a constantly shifting variable, and you have to make your decisions as they come, based on a variety of factors.

I agree with you bro but this particular data point is hard to ignore.
While I'm sure a hundred different things are factored into a decision like this and it's certainly possible to grab a quality tackle later in the draft, this statistic basically tells us look, if you need an offensive tackle and you have the resources to move up into the top 5 you can virtually ensure you'll get a good one and practically eliminate the risk that he'll be a bust.
I realize the price is likely high to move up into the top 5 but would be comforting to know that we have solidifed the line and given our offense the single biggest boost they can get.

Your misreading the statistic.
What it says:
The best OTs are only found at the top of the first round.

A player drafted at the top of the first round will be a great OT.
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