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My top 64 prospects:

First real effort at this, gone with what I've seen, declared and some insight in and around the net, check it out and hit me back guys! :) Cheers
Looks good to me except I think Spiller should be higher.
I think Patrick Robinson is a borderline 1st rounder....other than that, it looks pretty good.
looks good, but noticed Tebow in the 1st, i dont see him as a 1st rd pick.

Also, Pierre-Paul is too low, he will be a top 20 pick.

And, i dont think Pike will go that high, but i like him a lot.

But overall good rankings.
Cheers chaps, thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. :)

Will update again this month at some point.
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Can I get an opinion on OU's HB, DeMarco Murray? I believe he's a Junior and might not declare beacuse of lack of success, but if someone can share insight on him, that'd be great.
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