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Mock Draft version 0.5

Before the major Bowls being held this would be my picks

1a (12) Trent Williams OT Ala or B. Bulaga OT Iowa
The biggest need is RT

1b (16) J. Hughes DE/OLB TCU or B. Graham DE/OLB Mich or S. Kindle DE/OLB Tex
We need an upgrade over Haralson or at least will rotate with Brooks as Pass Rusher

2 M. Iupati OG Idaho or C. Black OT/OG LSU or M. Johnson OG Ala
Addresing the line is a priority

3 T. Lindley CB Kan or Ras I Dowling CB/S Virginia
Upgrading Roman and replacing Bly if is'nt signed is a must, Lindley will fall because his 40 time but excells at press coverage

4 J. Biel DE/OLB Oklahoma
IMO this is goĆ­ng to be the steal of the draft, great numbers, this kid produces

5 C. Scott OL Tenn
He can fill anywhere in the OL

6 A.J. Wallace CB Penn St
Off field incidents are a concern but is fast and big

7 J. Bell RB/KR Wayne St
We need a KR badly also "someone"said this kid is special and I believe him

Every day is getting more sense to me to take Spiller with our 2nd first if is available, he runs hard is a prime returner and kind of R. Bush style of pace changer player, less spectacular but looks stronger IMO, who knows maybe could be a better pro player
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If one of your main objectives is to get Iupati you would have better luck swapping Hughes to the 2nd round because Iupati won't be around in the 2nd
I really would like to get Iupati in our draft but i think we would have to use our 2nd 1st round pick to get him. Also we could get Ciron Black in the 2nd round maybe even 3rd. and with our very 1st pick we could go either Mays,Haden,Hughes.....BPA. ALso I really like RB Blount in the 4th or 5th round and Kyle Wilson CB Boise in the 3rd or 4th(good KR/PR too).
I like Iupati but not that much for a middle first rounder, that's the reason I'm suggesting C. Black or M. Johnson if Iupati is'nt available
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