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Funky Chicken's 2021 Mock

This is the biggest draft the 9ers have had since 2005. And this time the stakes are even higher. They have the roster and the coaching staff turn themselves into an immediate dynasty if they nail this draft. But if they don't, it will likely set in motion a sequence of events that costs Shanahan and Lynch their jobs. Dynasty or rebuild... There could not be more on the line. Here's what I think would turn the 9ers into a dynasty.

R1 (3) - Justin Fields QB Ohio State
I am still shocked this is such a question. Very rarely do you get to have elite traits, intangibles, arm and college production in the same QB prospect. Fields would be a number one overall pick in many years. I'm still holding out hope he's the guy.

R2 (43) - Quinn Meinerz OG/OC Wisconsin Whitewater
Besides QB health (and directly related to that), poor interior O line play was the biggest issue for the 9ers last year. Getting a guy who can take over from Mack in the future, and compete for the starting RG spot in the present, makes a ton of sense. Creed Humphrey is ranked higher a lot of places, but Meinerz has an attitude that I think this line could use.

R3 (102) - Paulsen Adebo CB Stanford
Dropped a bit because he opted out, but he's a smart CB with size and good coverage skills.

R4 (117) - Amari Rodgers WR Clemson
This guy is electric, could play right away in the slot, and is exactly the kind of tough, speedy, YAC monster that Shanahan looks for.

R5 (155) - Hamilcar Rashed Jr EDGE Oregon State
Dropped because he had a down year, but looked good in 2018-2019. If he finds his form again he could be a nice rotation speed rusher.

R5 (172) - Tamorrion Terry WR Florida State
Also dropped because of down year, this time due to injury. With his speed and size there is DK Metcalf like number one WR upside. But even if he's just the fourth option he could still stretch the field.

R5 (180) - Richard LeCounte S Georgia
Dropped after running a surprisingly slow 40. But he hits hard, gets picks, and went against the elite teams in college football.

R6 (194) - Tre McKitty TE Georgia
Transferred to Georgia after being used heavily as a blocker at FSU. But this just adds to the appeal. At FSU he showed that he could block effectively in the run and pass game, making him a viable backup for both Kittle and Juice. And at Georgia he looked like a dangerous receiving option. He looks like a bigger Delanie Walker.

R7 (230) - KJ Britt LB Auburn
Has some speed and hits with thump.

UDFA Targets
This draft is deep at RB and WR and some good players will go undrafted. 9ers should look to add some speedy RBs and redzone threat WRs here.

Pooka Williams RB Kansas

Kene Nwangu RB Iowa State

TJ Vasher WR Texas Tech

Brennan Eagles WR Texas
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