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MrCrab 2021 Mock Draft 2.0

Picks are based on need this year and next year: Go Niners! QB, OL, DB, RB, WR

Rd.1 (3) Justin Fields, QB, 6-3, 225, Ohio St.- Accurate, mobile, experience, great attitude, leader and tough- Compare to a bigger Kyle Murray
Rd.2 (43) Chuba Hubbard, RB, 6-0 210, 4.36 40-time, OSU.- A big slashing speed RB that can catch. Good vision and patience. Room to grow to be #1 back - A bigger combo of Telvin Coleman and McKinnon skills. I prefer Michael Carter but will be gone early 2nd round.
Rd.3 (102) Paulson Adebo, CB, 6-1, 192, 4.42 and 4.51 40-time at Pro-Day, Stanford- Physical DB, well built with ball skills and instincts- Perfect DB to compete with big NFC West WRs- Compare to faster Richard Sherman
Rd.4 (117) Shaka Toney, DE, 6-3, 252, 4.62 40-time, Penn State- Quick first step, good speed, agile and good play recognition- Compare Ahmad Brooks.
Rd.5 (155) Simi Feroko, WR, 6-3, 227, 4.40 40-time, Stanford- Big WR with deceptive speed and ball skills- Can play slot or outside.- Similar to Jordy Nelson of the GB Packers. If Feroko is gone then draft Deebo's former teammate. ShiSmith, WR/KR, 5-10, 186, 4.36 40-time, South Carolina- Quick and fast slot WR. Niners could use a slot to go along with Deebo and Aiyuk. Searching for a reliable slot WR. - Similar to Lockett
Rd.5 (172) Spencer Brown, OT, 6-8, 321, 4.93 40-time, Northern Iowa- Athletic big man with smooth pass set and movers. Nasty run blocking mover. Another good depth. Good competition for McGlinchey.
Rd.5 (180) David Moore, G, 6-2, 320, Grambling- Very strong and stocky. Can move, pull, and plays mean to win at line of scrimmage. Good depth in OG
Rd.6 (194)- will trade to move up
Rd.7 (230)- will trade to move up.

What do you guys think?
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Big reach fot Chubba IMO, you're taking him where Eteinne or Javonte Williams could go. Both are miles better than Chubba. He's probably a 4th or 5th rounder. Everything else looks fine. Gotta address OL earlier though.
Agree with Rath on Hubbard. Maybe swap Radunz with Hubbard at #43 and Hubbard with Brown at #172 (or trade up a few slots). I like Hubbard a lot, but not that early.
Nice draft, I would draft the best cb available in the 2nd but you addressed all our needs
I prefer Carter or Williams but maybe gone by the time the Niners pick. But they do need RB depth.
Shaka Toney could be a fourth round stud. If Rondale Moore is there in the 2nd he has to be the pick.
Chuba in round 2?? what big board are you using? Browns isn't lasting until the 5th....Toney is 242lbs just and FYI
Originally posted by NYniner85:
Chuba in round 2?? what big board are you using? Browns isn't lasting until the 5th....Toney is 242lbs just and FYI

I'm not. Lol. This is just a mock draft. My guess is just as good as anyone. My weight and height and descriptions are from internet.
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