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Kriz' two way mock

In this mock I will be doing 2 different mocks. One with Mac Jones and one with Justin Fields. As I feel the offense would be catered to each QB. For better, worse or indifferent. In both mocks I have us trading JG inbetween rounds to NE. NE gets JG and our 6th rounder for #96, #139 and Devin Asiasi. With them signing Henry and Smith Asiasi or Keane should be avialable.

1st Mock will be the Mac Jones mock. In addition to the JG trade I use both NE picks to move up in the 3rd with MIA for pick #81.

#3 Mac Jones, QB, Alabama. Perfect fit for Shanahan we wouldn't have to change the offense 1 Iota.
#43 Wyatt Davis, RG, Oh. st.: Plug and play RG we desperately need.
#81 Kenneth Gainwell, RB, Memphis: Dual threat RB that fits the zone scheme and can flex out in the slot. Perfect scheme fit and would go well with Jones who is known to throw to his RB.
#102: Benjamin St-Juste, CB, Min: only have CB under conrtact after this year. we need an infusion of talent in the DB area.
#117: Kendrick Green, IOL, Illinois: C of the future learning behind Mack. Would be instant upgrade on all 3 backup IOL in the short term
#155 Josh Palmer, WR, Tenn: Would be our Bourne replacement. Can make the tough contested catches to help keep the chains moving wihile adding some deep ball capabilities. Though not a burner.
#172 Chris Rumph, DE, Duke: would be ER depth that could hopefully be the edge rusher we are missing in Ford.
#180 Keith Taylor, CB, Wash: CB depth that can hopefully develop into starter in the future.
#230 Reed Blankenship, S, MTSU: One of my favorite watches. he always seem to be around the ball. S depth

Justin Fields Mock No other trade after the JG trade

#3 Justin Fields, QB, OSU. While I don't think we go all RGIII and zone read after zone read. I do think the offense changes and we get away from what Shanny does. Hence my player selections will differ from my Mac mock
#43 Wyatt Davis (see above)
#96 Jordan Smith, ER, UAB Comes in and is designated pass rusher on passing downs. What Ford was supposed to be.
#102 Benjamin St-Juste (see above)
#117 Jaelon Darden, WR, North Texas: Speed WR that would allow Fields to air some balls out.
#139 Drake Jackson, C, Kentucky: Center of the future to learn behind Mack.
#155 James Wiggins, S, Cincinnati: I believe only one safety under contract after this year and the ones we have aren't exactly.....
#172 Chuba Hubbard, RB, Okla st: Speed speed speed. While Hubbard doesn't offer much in the passing game. Fields doesn't exactly like to check down to RB's the way Jones does. So I went with a better pure runner than a dual guy For him. Between, he Fields and Darden we add some serious speed.
#180 Keith Taylor (see above)
#230 Warren Jackson, WR, Colorado St: bigger physical WR that can make some contested catches and help move the chains,
I'm good either way. Would prefer draft #2 with Fields as the QB pick. Instead of Davis (strictly) an OG, I would much rather have someone like Green who can play all three IOL positions and a combo OG/T guy like D'Ante Smith (ECU) or Jaylon Moore (W. Michigan) late in the draft. Just my opinion.
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