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HBB 2021 No-Trade Mock

First the mock. Pick numbers account for Saleh's departure, Kwon hitting the playing time milestone, comp pick for Sanders and estimates for comp picks awarded to other teams.
12 Trey Lance QB
44 Patrick Jones Edge
98 Kary Vincent CB
110 T.J. Vasher WR
145 Jarrett Patterson C/OG
162 Spencer Brown OT
166 Marlon Tuipulotu DT
180 Janarius Robinson Edge
200 Demetric Felton RB/WR
210 Tariq Castro-Fields CB

It's not a full rebuild, but many of the rookie picks will have a chance to contribute. Trent Williams will get a big contract. Verrett and Juszczyk will get moderate deals and smaller contracts for Brunskill, Mullens, Givens, MHarris and THarris. 30+ free agents but 49ers will resign about 10 or so and fill in with minimum contracts.

QB: Garoppolo, Lance, Mullens - the question will be how quickly can Lance pushes Garoppolo. 49ers fast start could make him the understudy for a year, if JimmyG can stay healthy.
OT: Williams, McGlinchey - McGlinchey is in a contract year. Coleman, Skule & Brown will be under heavy scrutiny since McGlinchey is not worth the 5th year option. Brown is a high upside guy but will need time to adjust to NFL speed and power.
C/OG: Tomlinson, Richburg, Brunskill - Last chance for Richburg to stay healthy. McKivitz needs more time to develop. Patterson can play C, so he could be the long-term Richburg replacement.
RB: Juszczyk, Mostert - Wilson and Hasty battle for primary backup. Felton is a hybrid RB/WR who could get a lot of playing time in the slot and returning kicks.
WR: Deebo, Aiyuck - Hurd, Jennings and Vasher compete for the big WR role. maybe keep two bigs and James or Benjamin.
TE: Kittle: Dwelley and Woerner
DE: Bosa, Armstead. 49ers need an Ford exit strategy. With Blair and Hyder departing, the two rookies will have baptisms by fire. If Jones thrives, then Ford could be on the chopping block sooner than later.
DT: Kinlaw, Givens: Can Street push his way into the starting lineup? Tuipulotu is a D.J. Jones-like replacement.
LB: Greenlaw, Warner, Al-Shaair - Not much to say here
S: Ward, Moore - Moore or Harris? The jury is still out
CB: Verrett, Moseley - Vincent looks like a slot CB. Can Harris stay healthy?
ST: Mitch, Robbie and the long snapper
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I really like your draft picks.

I don't think we will be able to rely on Richburg at center and I think that there will be more cap trouble than you are expecting or accounting for in this mock draft if we keep garoppolo despite drafting a first-round QB. My only other comment is that TJ vasher is tall lanky and a good deep threat, but I wouldn't call him a " big " receiver per se.
I think they might start the season this way then assess which big contract would be let go. If they start 0-3 you might see more than one big contract go.
I like Trey Lance. Great arm, very mobile, but inaccurate as hell!
i don't see him taking the field right away which is why I see Garoppolo staying at least a year. Lance has to learn the pro style offense, but a run-heavy team like the Niners is an easier transition. Of course the elephant in the room is the salary cap problem.
Originally posted by NinerJeff:
I like Trey Lance. Great arm, very mobile, but inaccurate as hell!

Completed 67% of his balls
How you resigning guys and retaining Jimmy? You got almost 40 positions you need to replace (not all high end spots I get that) and only $25M to do it in this scenario.
Not a lot of options. Try to restructure some contracts. Maybe trade Tomlinson and Gould to alleviate cap space, and hope you can find adequate replacements.
Relying on rich burg an our current IOL to keep our qb healthy = 2020 all over again

IOL upgrades are priority number 1
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Lance is going to be a good quarterback but he's not a Kyle shanahan quarterback. It's going to take him a few years to be a Kyle shanahan quarterback. He's a run first guy and Kyle does not like that at all

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The 1981 49ers needed a heavy influx of defensive backs and they chose four in the first 7 rounds. Similar situation exists today. Resign the following starters:
1) TWilliams, 2) Verrett, 3) Juszczyk, and 4) Brunskill

1 Trey Lance QB - Probably stick with JimmyG one year then hand over the reins to Lance.
2 Tyson Campbell CB - Moseley/Verrett are the starters, but choose a outside corner early given Verrett's injury history.
3 Drake Jackson IOL (comp pick if Saleh leaves) - He becomes the main competitor to take Richburg's spot and allows 49ers to dump the big contract.
4 Shaka Toney Edge - Ford is the other contract that 49ers want to dump. Hyder, Blair, Thomas, Willis and Jordan are all free agents, with Hyder likely getting a bigger contract elsewhere. Blair coming back from injury is a big question mark, and the othere are bottom-of-the-roster guys. My alternative draft has the 49ers grabbing Paye or Rousseau in the first round and skipping a QB pick altogether.
5 T.J. Carter CB - Has the speed to cover the slot
5 Keith Taylor CB (conditional pick from Kwon trade) - competes for depth in sub packages
5 Demetric Felton RB (comp pick from Sanders leaving) - RB that is a good pass catcher and can also play slot WR
6 Ronnie Bell WR - Replaces Bourne and Taylor as 4th option, assuming Hurd is healthy this year.
7 Tyarise Stevenson DT - big NT that rotates with Givens.
7 Tarron Jackson Edge - Beefy Edge depth behind Armstead and Street.

On paper the team looks good if healthy. If the picks pan out, 49ers can move off the JimmyG, Richburg and Ford contracts, then extend Warner and Tomlinson. McGlinchey probably will also be extended but I don't see them exercising the 5th year option.
Originally posted by NYniner85:
Originally posted by NinerJeff:
I like Trey Lance. Great arm, very mobile, but inaccurate as hell!

Completed 67% of his balls

Completion percentage is not always a very good indicator of accuracy. If a lot of his throws were Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, Drew Brees type of short throws than I'm not impressed at all. In the case of Lance, his accuracy is above average imo. Hopefully if we pick him, he will have a Josh Allen type of leap in accuracy
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