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Whom Should I keep - Elliott or Barkley

Whom Should I keep - Elliott or Barkley

Okay, I'm looking for some input. It is a high points (1pt per 10 yards, 1pt per rec) PPR league. I placed 3rd last year. I can only keep 1 - Ezekiel Elliott or Saquon Barkley. Elliott is the better pure runner with the much better line. Barkley is the more elusive talent with more catches too. It is a 12 player league.
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My money on Saquan. Not only did he out produce Elliot this year. But he keeps his coaching staff intact so you know what to expect.

Not exactly sure what/how Moore is going to do calling plays
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What those guys said.
Barkley hands down
Wow - this is a lot more one-sided than I expected. Thanks all. No one disagrees?
Barkley because I hate the Giants, but I LOATHE the Cowboys, and you should too, to the point that you're willing to lose at FF over it.

Hehe seriously though, Barkley will do more than Elliot IMHO.
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Barkley, not only equally as talented, if not more talented. . But he isn't a total dips**t douche bag like Elliot.
barkley. especially for ppr.
I would trade the one you could get more value for, and keep the other.

They are close in talent and Barkley is lower risk.
Barkley easily. Just as much if not more talent, and less risk. You don't even know if Zeke is gonna be playing week one.
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