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QB: A. Smith vs J. McCown vs J. Garoppolo

Here's the breakdown. I'm 7-5 and currently in 1st place in my division by head to head tie breaker. Really want to win these 2 games and go in to playoffs 9-5 obviously. Alex Smith has killed me the last 2 weeks, my original number 1 was Rodgers and we all know he's out. McCown has played solid and I'm thinking of rolling with him over Smith. JG I picked up just as a match up base to see how he does vs chicago.
QB- J McCown
HB- C. Hyde
HB- L. Murray
WR- AJ Green
WR- R Anderson
TE - Z Ertz
K- J Tucker
QB - A Smith
QB - J Garoppolo
HB - J Williams
HB - T Montgomery
WR- Crabtree
[ Edited by 49ersnum1 on Nov 28, 2017 at 11:51 PM ]
Think McCown is the safer bet but I'm guessing they'll be fairly close in points
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