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Wanting to Join Football Keeper League

I was in a keeper league for the past 5 years with some friends but some of them decided they didn't want to do it anymore so i am left with this emptiness...

If any one has a spot in a competitive league and would be interested in an active owner please let me know. I'd love to join a new league.
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Let's start one up. I'd be down for a keeper league as well.
Yeah I would definitely be down if we started one.
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We might have several in our Webzone league. If GUE decides to continue it I'm sure we'll have more than 1 spot.
Alright cool we could definitely start one up. I was using Fanball (a pay site) but we could just as easily use yahoo (i know they have keeper league ability), or another free site.
that's 5 of us so far. 5 more?
Now that football season is here, anyone actually up for this?

I'd love to do a keeper league. I'd be up for creating it and being commish if no one else wants the job.

I prefer ESPN, but we can discuss the place and any buy in or prizes.
I need 5 more people to join my league. It's not a keep, but it will be fun. Check my thread.
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