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  • By Levin T. Black
    Jan 17, 2019 at 9:00 AM
    Much has been made of the statistical fact that the San Francisco 49ers didn't have a wide receiver reach 500 yards in 2018. Yes, tight end George Kittle had an historically great season at his position but those who split out wide could certainly use an upgrade ... or two. There are three routes the 49ers could look to take. Free agency, a trade or the draft could all produce a quality wide receiver. (Before diving into what the team should do please read the break down of the free agent class from earlier this week. Some information will be taken from there when discussing those options. Click here for Book of FA WRs.) Many are looking at a single receiver to...
  • By Levin T. Black
    Jan 16, 2019 at 12:07 PM
    The San Francisco 49ers are expected to take a hard look at all available wide receivers as the team seeks to improve at the position in 2019. To kick things off, I have broken down the available unrestricted free agents for this year. I did not include receivers whose free agency is restricted because the draft tenders that go with them stop others from pursuing unless the player is a true, top level performer and no one fits that bill this year. This summary of available free agents will be followed up in the coming days with a closer look at the receivers the 49ers are likely to have interest in and how that receiver might fit. Yes, trade possibilities will be included. Golden Tate: The agile, slightly undersized receiver had what is...
  • By Levin T. Black
    Dec 22, 2018 at 12:24 PM
    I present to you some interesting statistics involving the San Francisco 49ers and their players. These are not your everyday boring statistics. Some I found, some I have personally computed. Feel free to tweet at me if you know of one that I didn't use. If it is a good one, I will edit this article and give you the credit or add it to a later Off the Beaten Path Statistics. Let's begin with one that has already been talked about. 49ers tight end George Kittle has already shattered the NFL record for most yards after the catch (YAC) by a tight end in a single season with 763 according to NFL.com. The Kansas City Chiefs' Travis Kelce had the record with 656 in 2016. Kittle is currently second in the NFL, behind the Carolina Panthers' Christian McCaffrey,...
  • By Levin T. Black
    Dec 21, 2018 at 12:15 PM
    The whispers started while San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens was picking apart a hapless Oakland Raiders defense in his first career start. Following back-to-back wins in Weeks 14 and 15, those whispers have turned into the biggest topic of conversation surrounding the team as it enters the final two weeks of the 2018 season. Mullens has started six games this season, the most of any 49ers quarterback. If you expand those six games to a full 16 game season Mullens would set a team record that not even Steve Young or Joe Montana approached. Mullens has averaged 292.33 yards per game, has completed 64.5 percent of passes and has 10 touchdowns to six interceptions. That equates to 4,677 yards, 27 touchdowns and 16 interceptions in a full season when...
  • By Levin T. Black
    Dec 5, 2018 at 6:10 PM
    San Francisco 49ers quarterback Nick Mullens is four starts into his career. It's not the biggest sample size but it is one-quarter of a NFL season. That's long enough to gain some perspective on the quality of a quarterback's play. Last week, Mullens put up some big numbers even if they are inflated a bit due to a lopsided score. In the 43-16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, Mullens passed for 414 yards. That is 11th most all-time in team history. Not since Tim Rattay compiled 417 yards in 2004 has a 49ers quarterback passed for more. As I mentioned, some may knock it because of the lopsided score. I get that. Others may bring up the fact the team scored just 16 points despite all the yards. I'd like to bring up a few things to the detractors. Of the...
  • By Levin T. Black
    Nov 10, 2018 at 11:58 AM
    San Francisco 49ers running back Matt Breida could be in for a leading role on the NFL's biggest stage this Monday. The 49ers are set to play the New York Giants on Monday Night Football and the matchup is a good one for the 49ers' leading rusher to get back on track. Breida has been playing hurt in recent weeks. This has lead to a falling off of sorts. In the past three games Breida has just 33 carries for 101 yards. The 3.06 yards per carry he's averaged in those games is far below the 5.53 he's averaged on the season. Breida began the season on a high note. He was named the the NFL's FedEx Ground Player of the Week in Week Two when he ran for 135 yards. Thanks to the big performance, he was the league's leading rusher following Week Two. Injuries have robbed...
  • By Levin T. Black
    Nov 6, 2018 at 4:44 PM
    San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin was expected by many to have his first 1,000 yard season this year. Due to injuries, that is very unlikely to happen. Through nine games, Goodwin has just 13 receptions and 270 yards but that doesn't mean he hasn't had his bright spots. For starters, he's only played in seven of those games and has missed large portions of others. Even in the games he has played, he's been limited by hamstring and quad injuries. Despite being hampered, he is seventh in the league in average target yards (minimum 23 targets) according to the NFL's Next Gen Stats. With 15.6 yards, Goodwin's average target distance falls just behind the Los Angeles Chargers' Tyrell Williams and just in front of the Detroit Lions' Marvin Jones. There...
  • By Levin T. Black
    Nov 4, 2018 at 1:22 PM
    San Francisco 49ers second year tight end George Kittle is having one of heck of a season. Going into Sunday's Week 9 games, Kittle leads all tight ends with 692 yards. That puts him on pace to set the franchise record for receiving yards by a tight end and become the first in team history to surpass 1,000 yards in a season. The potential historic significance of his season doesn't end with team records. Kittle is averaging 76.89 yards per game, putting him on pace for 1,230 this season. That would give him the sixth most receiving yards by a tight end in NFL history. The record is within reach if he can do just a bit more. The New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski set the record in 2011 with 1,327 yards. Side note: the second season seems to randomly be the key to big tight...
  • By Levin T. Black
    Nov 3, 2018 at 8:24 PM
    Like most teams, much of the chatter surrounding the San Francisco 49ers this season has centered on the quarterback position. Unlike most teams, the 49ers discussion involves more than one quarterback. Until Thursday, the conversation was between C.J. Beathard and Jimmy Garoppolo. While Nick Mullens broke out in a big way this week there is not enough info that can be gathered from one game, especially against the Oakland Raiders, to statistically analyze his performance. For Beathard and Garoppolo there is enough data, if only barely. Neither has played enough to get a complete picture but some info can be gleaned by looking at the advanced statistics. The traditional stats don't show much of a difference between Beathard and Garoppolo. Many know...
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