Fix your broken Madden 15 cover

Aug 26, 2014 at 10:46 PM--

With the latest version of the Madden NFL video game being released, fans are probably noticing that their game covers are defective. There is a certain hated Seattle Seahawks cornerback on the cover. Don't worry though. There is a simple way to fix your broken video game box. There is no need to return your game or throw it out of a window.

The fans over at Operation Sports have been hard at work within their forum to create more beautiful alternatives to what EA Sports released. And it is not just 49ers covers. Fans have been creating covers for almost every team. I mean, anything is better than what is currently on there, right?

Below are some 49ers alternatives from Operation Sports that you can print and use to improve your Madden 15 box.

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How Trey Lance's Madden rating compares to other rookie quarterbacks

By Rohan Chakravarthi
11 hrs ago

Last week, Madden released their annual ratings for the top players at every position, which, like always, came with a barrage of controversy and angry fans. Trey Lance's rating came along with those first releases, earning a 74 overall, behind the likes of Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson, who went with the two picks ahead of him in the 2021 Draft, respectively. Lawrence earned a 78, while Jets rookie Zach Wilson earned a 75. Justin Fields, who was drafted by the Chicago Bears, earned a 74, tying Trey Lance for the third-highest ranking, while Mac Jones of the Patriots came in 5th, earning a 71 overall. Interestingly, the rookie quarterback ratings came in the same order that these players were drafted this offseason. Lawrence went first, Wilson


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