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49ers’ Nick Bosa opens up about Super Bowl loss and early offseason return

May 21, 2024 at 4:34 PM

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Nick Bosa is probably looking forward to the day when reporters stop asking him about the San Francisco 49ers' recent Super Bowl loss. Unfortunately for him, that day wasn't today. The star pass rusher answered questions from the media after the team's Tuesday afternoon practice session and was asked about his feelings regarding the game now that he's more than three months removed from it.

"With the Super Bowl, unfortunately, I know how to bounce back from tough losses," Bosa said. "It was rough for a little bit, but now it's just annoying when people bring it up."

Bosa stared at the reporter who asked the question, then smiled and laughed.

The media was surprised to see Bosa at organized team activities (OTAs), considering he typically arrives at the Santa Clara facility when attendance is mandatory. However, Bosa has been present all week, eager to dive back into action.

The defender also feels healthier than ever as he gears up for his sixth NFL season, embracing his role as a seasoned veteran.

"I feel really good," Bosa shared. "I think it's been one of my better offseasons of just kind of it was a long year, so I took it nice and slow to get back into it. I'm not as young as I once was, so I'm taking it a little slower. But everything's great. I'm feeling as good as I've felt."

Last year, Bosa didn't have much offseason work with his teammates due to a stalemate regarding his contract extension, which wasn't resolved until just days before the regular season.

"I'm excited to actually get some practice in," Bosa admitted. "Last year was kind of tough getting thrown in Week 1 after a walk-through. That was another reason I'm excited to be here, is just to get practicing a little bit. In-season practice is one thing, but actually being able to work on your stuff and not have a game coming up is good."

A conversation with Shanahan convinced Bosa that an early offseason appearance would be beneficial.

"He kind of stated how he felt about why it would be good for me to be here and asked if I agreed," Bosa remarked. "And I 100 percent did agree. So it's not like I'm missing too much. I think I'm out here, it's a little less workload than I'm doing back home, so it's kind of a good, active recovery thing for me. And I'm getting football work in, specifically, so that's good. It's not compromising my training at all, and I get to meet all the guys, so it's positive."

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