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49ers QB Trey Lance’s arm fatigue “not a concern at all,” according to Kyle Shanahan

Rohan Chakravarthi
Jul 25, 2022 at 6:00 PM--

Over this offseason, several reports have floated around that San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance experienced arm fatigue during portions of last season, as well as this offseason, which has left fans concerned about the quarterback's durability.

CBS Sports's Ryan Harris first originated the topic, speaking about Lance's arm fitness, before The Volume's Colin Cowherd and Mike Silver reiterated the idea, stating they've heard concerns from several sources about Lance's arm fatigue, going as far as saying that the quarterback needed several days off after throwing.

However, on Monday, during an appearance on The TK Show, head coach Kyle Shanahan disputed the claims, answering that Lance's arm fatigue hasn't been a concern at all.

"No, it's not a concern at all. Trey had some injuries last year when he broke his finger and stuff that he had to adjust some things to fight through and get through which made him have some weeks where he did have a sore arm and things like that. But, I haven't had a quarterback I've ever gone through in my career where there wasn't one time in that year where their arm wasn't bothering them. So, there's no like difference in other guys or arm fatigue or anything like that. He had a great OTAs. He's in as good of a place right now as I've been around and I just can't wait for him to start practice here in a couple days."

Earlier this offseason, Lance himself admitted that his broken finger hampered him throughout the entire season, and that he only felt 100% this offseason when he began training.

However, Lance was the top quarterback throughout the entire OTAs and minicamp period, and was on video practicing normally and making many throws during those open practices.

In fact, Lance completed 74% of his passes during the four open practice sessions in OTAs, and Shanahan can't wait for him to get his necessary reps in training camp.

This year's training camp could be a clear indicator on the topic, as the 49ers practice four days in a row (7/27-7/30), as well as two three-day spurts, at which point Lance's arm will be on display.

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