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Who Are The Best Follows For 49ers News and Content?

Jul 20, 2021 at 12:58 PM--

Wait...what? Who writes an article about beat writers? Whose stupid idea was this? We like to read about players and coaches...the team - not the people who cover them. Right?

We are just one week away from the San Francisco 49ers reporting to training camp. Although the first practice does not start until Saturday, July 31st, the players will begin filing in next Tuesday (July 27th). So I thought I would share my favorite follows, when it comes to 49ers news and content. And though this may end up being a train wreck of an idea, here are some of the really talented people who keep me informed:

For 49ers news, notes, content
We have many great people who cover the 49ers. The two beat writers I most recommend are Matt Maiocco and Matt Barrows. I have read content from these guys for many years (long before Twitter). They are both consistent and fun follows. They are funny, engaging, and will take the time to answer questions from fans now and again. But they are also very good at their jobs. If they predict something about the team, it usually happens. I trust the news they share. Both are regulars on KNBR Radio, and both have their own podcasts, as well. Maiocco has a podcast called, 49ers Talk With Matt Maiocco and Laura Britt. Barrows has a podcast with David Lombardi and Dennis Brown. It is called, "Here's The Catch." If you don't follow the Matts already, do yourself and favor and do so.

For 49ers Podcasts
I listen to a lot of 49ers podcasts. And there are many great ones. 49ers fans are very blessed to have so many gifted people sharing their talents. Two podcasts that I highly recommend are the Better Rivals Podcast with Oscar Aparicio and David Neumann, as well as 49ers Rush Podcast with John Chapman. You can get 49ers news and opinions from many different podcasts, but these two are the best when you want more than that. They break down film, scouting, advanced statistics, concepts and much more. These podcasts are the meat and potatoes of 49ers podcasts. They get into scheming, how plays are constructed, what players are best used in the 49ers systems, etc. And both are on Patreon, so for a small fee, you can take a deeper dive into what they are teaching. Chapman is a football coach, so he knows his stuff. The Better Rivals hosts have many years of experience breaking down film, and they are excellent. And if you can get past their hatred for drafting punters, they are a fun listen.

On Game Day
There are a lot of great follows for game day, including the names I have already mentioned. Every season, there is at least one game I am not able to watch for some reason. Usually it is work-related or wife-related. But wherever I am, I keep Twitter open on my phone to see what is going on. One follow that I have to give some love to is 49ersHub. I'm not sure who runs that account, but it is great for giving play by play during the game. I like that I can read the down and distance, followed by what just happened. That takes a lot of commitment, and I appreciate the work. I also make sure I listen to the 49ers Postgame show on KNBR after every game. Larry Krueger, John Lund and Dennis Brown do a great job recapping the game. So if I did happen to miss the game, I still have a good idea what happened because of these game day contributors.

Finally, before I started writing for 49ers Webzone, I was reading and following. I first found 49ers Webzone back when Steve Young was still the 49ers quarterback. And I still find plenty of great content on 49ers Webzone...unlike the article you're reading now.

Go Niners!

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