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Jerry Rice laughs at the idea that the 49ers should pursue Kirk Cousins

Jan 18, 2021 at 3:24 PM--

No, this is not a story from a previous offseason. Everyone is well aware of San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan's affinity for Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins. He intended to pursue Cousins before the opportunity to acquire Jimmy Garoppolo presented itself.

With several fanbases keeping an eye on the happenings in Houston and the deteriorating situation between the Texans and quarterback Deshaun Watson, Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk suggests a more realistic scenario for the 49ers. He feels Shanahan could wait for Cousins to become available to replace Garoppolo, or even trade for the Vikings quarterback this offseason.

"[Cousins] steps right in and runs the offense," Florio said on 95.7 The Game's The Morning Roast. "He knows the offense. It's a guy that Kyle Shanahan and his dad, Mike Shanahan, drafted in the fourth round of the 2012 draft, at a time when Robert Griffin III was essentially forced upon them by ownership.

"They didn't want RG3. They didn't make that trade to go up to number two. That was an ownership move. ... [Cousins is] a guy that Shanahan believes can run that offense well."

While few might see Cousins as an upgrade over Garoppolo, Florio points out that availability could be a deciding factor. Garoppolo has missed 23 games over the past three seasons, while Cousins has missed one game over the past six seasons. He only missed that game in 2019 because the Vikings' playoff position was set, and coaches opted to sit the quarterback during Week 17.

Added Florio: "I can't see the Vikings demanding a whole lot if they would decide to move on from Kirk Cousins. ... I think that's something that the 49ers should definitely explore, and if the Vikings know what's good for them, frankly, in all due respect to Kirk Cousins and the team, they'll decide to make a move."

Hall of Fame wide receiver Jerry Rice joined 95.7 The Game on Monday and was asked about Florio saying the 49ers have a more realistic shot at acquiring Cousins this offseason than Watson. What was Rice's response?

It started with a whole lot of laughter, which should tell you everything you need to know about what Rice thinks about such a proposal. Once the laughter ended, Rice did get around to explaining his thinking.

"Do you want the Ferrari or do you want the Mercedes?" Rice said on The Morning Roast. "I choose the Ferrari, and the Ferrari's going to win you playoff (games), and the Ferrari is going to win you Super Bowls. So, I'm all-in on that."

Rice acknowledged the relationship between Cousins and Shanahan, but still would "take the Ferrari any day, and the Ferrari is Deshaun Watson."

Not everyone laughing along with Rice felt the comparison between Cousins and a Mercedes was accurate, with one host from the radio show saying the Vikings quarterback was more of a minivan.

You can listen to the entire conversation with Rice below.

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