2021 NFL Draft: 49ers set to pick at No. 12 overall

Jan 3, 2021 at 5:02 PM--

At 1-15, the Jacksonville Jaguars own the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, with the New York Jets selecting at No. 2.

The San Francisco 49ers, after losing 26-23 to the Seattle Seahawks and falling to 6-10, are set to own the No. 12 overall pick based on the team's record and strength-of-schedule. The team had an opportunity to earn the No. 11 overall pick had the Denver Broncos won their game against the Las Vegas Raiders. However, that didn't happen. The Raiders edged the Broncos 32-31.

Below is the current draft order through Week 17 with just one game left to play. Sunday night's matchup between Washington and the Philadelphia Eagles will not impact the 49ers' draft position.

Update: The draft order below has been updated to include Washington's Sunday-night victory over the Eagles.

Only the top 18 spots are listed below as the remainder will be based on the outcome of the playoffs.


  1. Jacksonville Jaguars, 1-15, .549
  2. New York Jets, 2-14, .594
  3. Miami Dolphins (via Houston Texans), 4-12, .541
  4. Atlanta Falcons, 4-12, .551
  5. Cincinnati Bengals, 4-11-1, .529
  6. Philadelphia Eagles, 4-11-1, .537
  7. Detroit Lions, 5-11, .508
  8. Carolina Panthers, 5-11, .531
  9. Denver Broncos, 5-11, .566
  10. Dallas Cowboys, 6-10, .471
  11. New York Giants, 6-10, .502
  12. San Francisco 49ers, 6-10, .549
  13. Los Angeles Chargers, 7-9, .482
  14. Minnesota Vikings, 7-9, .504
  15. New England Patriots, 7-9, .527
  16. Arizona Cardinals, 8-8, .475
  17. Oakland Raiders, 8-8, .539
  18. Miami Dolphins, 10-6, .467

The following is a list of the eight selections the 49ers currently own before compensatory picks are factored in.

San Francisco will receive a fifth-round selection from the New Orleans Saints as part of the Kwon Alexander trade. The 49ers traded away their third-round pick for offensive tackle Trent Williams and obtained a seventh-round pick from the New York Jets during the trade for defensive end Jordan Willis.

  • 1st round, No. 12 overall
  • 2nd round, No. 43 overall
  • 4th round, No. 108 overall
  • 5th round, No. 139 overall
  • 5th round, No. 157 overall (from NO)
  • 6th round, No. 170 overall
  • 7th round, No. 194 overall (from NYJ)
  • 7th round, No. 204 overall

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