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‘Go get it’: 49ers’ Kendrick Bourne shares motivational message from Joe Staley

Jul 5, 2020 at 1:41 PM--

Kendrick Bourne has been working hard this offseason and is seeking to prove his worth in 2020. The receiver signed a one-year tender with the San Francisco 49ers in April and is scheduled to become a free agent next year.

There was a report last week that the 49ers had internal discussions about a potential contract extension for Bourne. Right now, however, the receiver is focused on returning to the Super Bowl and accomplishing what his team couldn't this past season. Bourne has even predicted that San Francisco will come out on top at the end of its 2020 campaign.

Bourne is motivated, and some of that motivation came from his former teammate, retired offensive tackle Joe Staley.

Bourne recently shared via Instagram a motivational message he received from Staley, who was unable to earn a championship ring during his illustrious 13-year career. He came close twice. Once during the 49ers' 2012 campaign under head coach Jim Harbaugh, and again this past season under Kyle Shanahan. In both instances, the 49ers came up just short of a sixth championship for the franchise.

The risk of injury was too significant for Staley to consider continuing to pursue a Super Bowl win. In April, the offensive lineman opted to call it a career. But he wants his former teammate to fight for what he couldn't get.

Below is a direct message that Bourne received from Staley, which was shared by Alex Didion of NBC Sports Bay Area.

The message reads as follows:

U need way more meaningful trophies than this. Never lose sight of the goal. The ring. That's all that matters in what we do. I never got it. You. Mr. KB!! Go get it!! F**king GET IT!! Make me proud bro. I love watching you hustle. All love.

Bourne responded with the following:

I love u. Joe! Everything you've done for me! Real talk seeing u that day at the gym the other day! Made me so happy! And I will keep grinding and go get it! For you for us!!! The team! Everyone!!!

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