Things have worked out well for the Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch regime in Santa Clara. After winning just 10 games in their first two seasons together, the head coach and general manager have the San Francisco 49ers one win away from the Super Bowl.

Shanahan stepped up to the podium after Friday's practice and was asked about his general manager, who transitioned from an NFL safety to a broadcaster, and then an executive. The coach explained why he was so excited to take on the massive 49ers rebuilding project with Lynch.

"John had a, to me, dream job where he got to work — I'm guessing, I don't totally know, but I assume you've got to work about three days a week," Shanahan told reporters. "You get paid about the same amount of money. He had a great deal there living in San Diego, called me out of nowhere, and said how interested he would be in an opportunity like this.

"For someone to want to leave that and come into this line of work, I was so impressed because I knew the reasons he wanted to do it.

"You don't always know why someone wants to do that, and things like that, but John was clear. He loved football. He loved being around it. He wanted to be with a team, and he wanted to build it the right way."

Lynch this week was named the NFL's Executive of the Year by the Professional Football Writers of America (PFWA). He, along with Shanahan, diligently worked to overhaul a talent-depleted roster. They brought in players who would fit Shanahan's vision for the team.

"I knew he'd be very good at [being a GM]," Shanahan continued. "And John, when he comes in, he's not a huge ego guy where you're going to come in, and he's not acting like he knows every single thing to do.

"He knows that he got here, and had to rely on a lot of people like Martin (Mayhew), who is here, and Adam Peters, these guys who have helped bring him along.

"John has made it his own, and I really feel very lucky to be able to work with him."