The following are select post-game quotes from San Francisco 49ers players following Saturday's 34-31 victory over the Los Angeles Rams.

Quotes provided by the 49ers Communications staff.

DL Arik Armstead

I know you're going to enjoy this one, but you've got to be thinking about next week.

"Yeah, for sure. We've got another big one coming up. Take the evening to enjoy this one and then get back to work."

They were able to move the ball pretty efficiently on you for about three, three and a half quarters. How did you guys make the adjustment to stop them?

"You've got to have a high-powered offense playing against them and what they do. We had to make some adjustments and keep playing hard, and try to stop what they were doing. They were getting the boot and play action game going, and so we had to adjust to that."

How does this help you guys going further? You guys have won in so many dramatic ways this season. How do you think that's going to help--?

"Win any way possible. It's another game, another close game. They all seem close. We were able to pull out a win in kind of a crazy way. So, just find ways to win and keep advancing and move onto the next game."

Does this one give you guys momentum heading into that big showdown next weekend against Seattle?

"It was definitely a game we needed to win. This Seattle game we need to win as well, and I know we're going to be up for it. Looking forward to it. It's going to be a huge game, division game just like this one, and I know we can't wait."

DL DeForest Buckner

How unlikely is it to see your team convert a pair of third and 16's on a final drive back to back?

"Honestly, lately the offense has been playing lights out. To make big plays like that, it all goes to the entire offense. [QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo], that play before he hit [WR] Emmanuel [Sanders], he took a big sack and he ended up making a big play. That goes to the O-Line. The O-Line was fighting their tails off. Everyone. Being on the sideline and seeing them take the field, it's great to see as a defensive player."

Was it frustrating in the first half when they kept on rolling Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff out and you guys weren't able to stop that?

"I don't know, you tell me. Yeah, it's definitely frustrating. Teams are going to game plan against us. Obviously, they didn't want him to get hit. The first game we pretty much teed off on him. We made him frustrated. I think it was a career low for him in passing the ball. They needed to find ways to get him out of the pocket and try to make plays. The coaches did a really good job of adjusting and trying to get pressure in his face."

It got back to that point in the second half, did it feel like the first time you guys played them?

"A little. He was still throwing the ball a lot. We couldn't really finish the play and get sacks, but we were putting pressure on him and causing some bad throws."

K Robbie Gould

When you are lined up for the game winning kick, what is going through your mind?

"Just to make it, trust your keys, trust your rhythm that you had developed throughout the game. [49ers LS] Kyle Nelson and [49ers P] Mitch Wishnowsky have done a really good job the last couple of weeks of finding our stride and our operation has been really good. The guys up front are doing a great job blocking. We just have to keep grooving and getting in that rhythm and we have a couple of more games left to play."

Is that a fine line of not over thinking it and yet saying I know what my mechanics are, I have to just go through them. Do you have to treat this kick like it is a routine kick?

"It is a routine kick. I love that moment. That is what you live for. When you have guys that are around you on offense that converts three third-and-longs and makes that kick a 33 yarder instead of a 50 yarder. Those are times that you have to appreciate those guys driving the ball. You have to appreciate the guys that are around the operation and how hard we have been working to make it right. We just have to keep it going."

For a while we have been pointing to the last game of the year and you guys as football teams have been saying that you're not thinking of that. Now we can talk about the Seattle Seahawks going up there, do you feel like you owe those guys something?

"Well it is definitely going to be a good one. Obviously when you are playing for the division and they are your division rivals, it is a game that we have been waiting a couple of years for and preparing for. This is a team that doesn't get too high or too low at any given moment. We just focus on the job at hand every day and go out there and perform the best that you can to give yourself a chance to win."

WR Richie James Jr.

Can you tell us about that run back?

"It was just one of those things where I thought it was a touchback. It ended up not being a touchback and my guys had some good blocks set up and I made some cuts off of them."

This has been a team where guys can contribute anyway that they can. How does that make you feel when you get to contribute like that?

"It made me feel good. We won by three points and that kind of set it up to get an early three out there. It felt good to be able to contribute but we have a long way to go."

This seems to be your guys M O, heart stoppers all the way to the finish. How can this help you down the road?

"We are in close games. That is a test to us and we need those tests early so it is definitely going to help us down the road."

What is the feeling when you see San Francisco 49ers K Robbie Gould lined up to kick the game winner?

"I am just thinking win. That is all that I am thinking win, win, win."

FB Kyle Juszczyk

How long do you figure you can mentally relax and recuperate from this game before starting to think seriously about what is going to be a huge game against Seattle?

"The old 24 hour rule. We get to enjoy it for the night and then we will get our minds right against Seattle."

Winning so many games by just a field goal, is this the M.O. of this team now?

"By any means necessary. It is December football and we are playing against some really good teams. A team, that was playing February last year. There are going to be close games. That is something we are built for now."

How important was it not to get a losing streak going?

"I think it was important for us to get this win under our belt, and to get back on to that winning page that we have been on. It is always a confidence booster to get a win."

What do you make of being able to convert on consecutive 3rd and 16's?

"It is pretty impressive by both of those guys. [San Francisco 49ers WR] Kendrick [Bourne] and [San Francisco 49ers WR] Emmanuel [Sanders] both ran incredible routes. Great job by KB to come back and get the ball and be aggressive. It says a lot for [San Francisco 49ers QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] to be able to step in there and rip it. I know he was feeling it today, so for him to make those plays at the end of the game is awesome."

You guys have clinched a playoff position, but what would it mean for the franchise to go up to a place like Seattle and win the division outright by beating the enemy on enemy turf?

"I think that is everything. That is what you play football for. These are the kind of games that you dream about when you are a kid. We are really looking forward to that, and it would mean a lot to get the W."

TE George Kittle

A few days ago, you were up here saying you're hoping that you guys would have a fire lit under your team. Did you see that? Did you see this coming? Do you think your team delivered?

"Yeah, I think the offense definitely. We started off a little slow. We got it rolling, though. I want to thank our fans for that. They definitely had our backs the entire game and they were rolling, even when we weren't producing. We finally got a couple plays to click and the stadium just lit up. That got us going too. Just a big thank you to them. On our team, we rebounded. [49ers head] coach [Kyle] Shanahan had a great message all week. This is playoff ball now. Every game gets us toward our goal. Fortunately, we got that done tonight."

Is third and sixteen just 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo's bag?

"Yeah, he's pretty damn good. He delivered that multiple times. He's just an incredible quarterback. No matter what happens throughout the game, whether he has a poor decision or something like that, he always bounces back and he always delivers. That's why we love Jimmy. That's the reason we are who we are. He keeps delivering and nothing that he does is B.S. He's a genuine guy and he just delivers 24/7."

WR Deebo Samuel

Did it stun you to see 49ers WR Emmanuel Sanders wide open down the field and see 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo be able to get that off?

"We actually called the play for the safety to bite down, and he did, and Jimmy let it rip. So me personally, I think Emmanuel had a walk off touchdown. He is one of those secure the bag type of guys. So catch it and let's kick this field goal and win the game."

What does this win do for the whole mood now going into Seattle?

"We have to keep the same mindset of everyone staying positive and we know what we have to do next week in order to get things done."

Can you go over your touchdown play?

"It was just a sweep to the left. I got around the edge and beat the guy. All I saw was the end zone."

Did you expect to have three carries out of the backfield?

"It was something we worked on this week. The way it was going it was working at the moment, so we just keep going back to it."

WR Emmanuel Sanders

Can you take us through the long catch?

"Yes. [49ers head coach] Kyle Shanahan gave me a chance truthfully. It was a great call. I would say that I did something but I just felt like I just had to run and the ball was there. I just tried to secure the catch and get in field goal range and [49ers K Robbie] Gould was able to hit it."

Since that New Orleans Saints game you have been mostly quiet from a production standpoint, can you explain why you able to bounce back?

"I don't care about a bounce back story, I just care about a winning story. Right now we came off of a great win. Obviously, we lost versus Atlanta which left a sorry taste in our mouth, so it felt good to get back on track, to get a win. But, at the end of the day, we have Seattle coming up. We have to go out there and handle business."

How does this win propel you to that big showdown next week?

"Now it means more. Obviously, we had to beat the Los Angeles Rams for that game to matter and now that we beat the Rams, that will be a big-time game. I am looking forward to sitting at home and watching these guys play tomorrow, watching film, preparing all week and hopefully we can go out there and leave with a W."

CB Richard Sherman

You've been a part of some great football games, legendary football teams, what's this football team becoming in your eyes?

"Very unique. I try not to go back to things and compare and contrast. I think I'll do that at the end of my career, once it's all said and done, hang the cleats up, but this is a special team. Guys care about each other, guys care about winning, guys go out there and execute. They fight until the last second, that's what special. It's not always special. It's not always how you draw it up, but when you got guys willing to fight tooth and nail, until the last straw, the last play, the last moment, you got a chance. That's what our offense did, our defense did. We made the plays we needed to make to win the game. Thankful for our defense. I'm thankful for our offense. I'm thankful for our special teams because all three phases made plays today. [49ers WR] Richie James [Jr.] started the game off with a heck of a kick return. On our offense, [49ers QB] Jimmy [Garoppolo] made some great plays. KB [49ers WR Kendrick Bourne] came through in the clutch. During the whole game, [49ers WR] Deebo [Samuel] was making huge plays. Juice [49ers FB Kyle Juszczyk] had a huge play. [49ers RB] Raheem [Mostert], you know, it's multiple people. It's not just one guy. [49ers TE George] Kittle of course made huge plays for us. You're thankful that you got so many guys that you can depend on. On defense, everybody is making plays. [49ers LB] Fred [Warner] makes a huge play, pick-six. The first pick of his career and it's a pick-six in a big game on Saturday night football. That's what you appreciate. You appreciate guys understanding the moment, but not panicking. They're playing great football and they are really stepping up to the challenge. That's what I honor."

Winning so many games by just a field goal, is that the M.O. of this team?

"I don't know what the M.O. is. Winning. You just win, whatever it takes. Whether it's a point, half a point, quarter of a point, three points, 40, that's a win. That's what we need, especially going down the stretch, you got to win these weird games. You got to learn how to win every way you can. That's what you got to do in the playoffs. This was another great lesson."

Could you go on about how the defense adjusted? Seemed like Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff was in a lot of bootlegs and roll-outs early.

"Well they didn't want him to get hit, so they didn't go straight drop back. They were going naked edges because our D-ends were playing and pushing them deep. [Defensive coordinator Robert] Saleh made a great adjustment to let the D-ends go up field and put some pressure in his face. He started to throw some errant passes. We were unable to take advantage on a couple of them. We got hit in the face with the ball and we got to make the play. We made enough stops to win."

LB Fred Warner

Can you take us through tonight's pick-six?

"Yeah, honestly, I just did my job. We were in man coverage and the back kind of, he checked in the protection and then ran a flat route. I hugged up on him and I think [Los Angeles Rams QB] Jared [Goff] probably would want to have that one back, but he just tossed it up and I took it. I took it home."

Did it feel like you were due for one? You've had a couple this year that kind of slipped through your fingers.

"I knew it was going to be in God's timing. That's the play that I've wanted my whole career, or short career I should say. Glad I could get it in that moment."

San Francisco DL DeForest Buckner kind of talked about it, but how big of a momentum shifter was that considering you guys were heading into the locker room and you guys take the lead for the first time in the game and get the ball offensively coming out of the break?

"Oh yeah, you hit it on the head, or DeFo did. We knew that we had to make a big play to get us going. We've talked about it for weeks now that we've got to attack the ball if we want to give our team the chance to win. So, yeah, it was great timing."